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Pumpkin Painting with a Purpose

Pumpkin Painting | Photo by Katelun Combs | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State students embraced the traditional Halloween festivities that come along with the autumn season as they gathered at The Landing on Oct. 21 for pizza, pumpkin painting and peaceful vibes.

Getting together

Chatter and background music filled the room as students stepped away from their textbooks and picked up a paintbrush to add quirky designs to their pumpkins. There was also a variety of pizza, chips and candy available for students to munch on as they went about their creations. 

The event was made possible by the Abilities and H2O Church student organizations, as they joined forces with the intent of bringing students together for a moment of fun and relaxation. 

The vice president of Abilities, Tisha Sharma, detailed the inspiration behind the event.

“Abilities has hosted pumpkin painting in previous semesters with a good turnout. Painting in general is a relaxing activity, and now that we’re more than halfway through the fall semester, especially after the first round of midterms, it helps to engage in a de-stressing activity with friends,” Sharma said. 

Rebekah Wyse, the former president and founder of the Abilities group, explained how the collaboration for the event occurred.

“The inspiration was a team effort. Collaborating with other organizations is always great because it brings more students together. You can also share resources, so financially, it is better for both organizations, and you get to learn things about the other organization collaborating with you,” Wyse said. 

About the organizations

The current president of Abilities, Lily Berkow, described the main focus of the Abilities organization.

“It’s about disability awareness and self-advocacy and inclusion,” Berkow explained.  

The president of H2O, Julia Forbes, also explained the primary goal of the organization she oversees. H2O Church is both a church and student organization for the WSU community.

“We believe that Jesus is God, that salvation is in and by Him and that He’s the redeemer of brokenness. We’re an ohana, a family, that has experienced and knows that God transforms our lives, and we excitedly invite everyone and anyone into this relationship with God through Jesus,” Forbes said. 

Getting involved

Sharma also highlighted a campus recreation program for students to consider.

“Campus recreation has a program called ‘adapted rec.’ We play sports in wheelchairs. Everyone is welcome to join, regardless of being a wheelchair user or not. This is held every Wednesday from 4:30 to 6 p.m. It’s a lot of fun,” Sharma said.  
For students interested in learning more about H2O Church and Abilities, they can check out the organizations’ pages on Engage and social media or in-person at The Landing Student Lounge.

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