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Raider Food Pantry now offering gift cards

The Raider Food Pantry, a need-based pantry for Wright State students and the broader community, has begun a gift card service to continue aiding people with their grocery needs remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

How to receive a gift card

Students must apply to be considered for a gift card. According to the Raider Food Pantry, a total of 125 gift cards at $20 each will be available each month. If more than 125 students apply, the recipients will be chosen at random.

“Students must be currently enrolled and have experienced recent or historical economic hardship. Students will be asked for their UID and their enrollment will be confirmed for eligibility,” said GA Coordinator of the Raider Food Pantry Ri Molnar.

Students can apply every month to receive a gift card, including students who previously received one.

“Students can apply all months that the gift cards are available and students who aren’t awarded in the first month will automatically be part of the next month’s drawing without having to reapply,” said Molnar.

According to the Raider Food Pantry, their supplies have been depleted because of the substantial need from students. Due to the pandemic they are unable to restock, so the gift cards are a way to continue to supplement student’s groceries during this time of need.

Current state of the program

“We received 250 applications this month. The majority of students have cited being laid off from campus jobs as spurring their current financial crisis,” said Molnar.

According to the Raider Food Pantry, recipients will be notified on April 15, May 15 and June 15.

“This is a very new program and we are planning as we go. The WSU Foundation has secured us financial support through the COVID-19 Response Fund of Greater Dayton to assist us in offering this service and we are hoping that we will continue to secure funding if the need extends into the future,” said Molnar.

According to The Dayton Foundation, the COVID-19 Response Fund of Greater Dayton awards grants to organizations that focus on basic human needs, such as food, shelter and safety, mental health and the financial impact the pandemic has on individuals. Those who wish to donate to the Raider Food Pantry to help their cause can do so at

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor