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Registrar offers new software

The Wright State Registrar has introduced a new software to aid in supporting curriculum changes made by faculty or departments.

“Any change to a course or a program has to go through an official university approval process. It starts with the person who is interested in making the change, goes through the department level approval, then college and university approval. In some cases, it goes to the state,” said Amanda Steele-Middleton, University Registrar.

Before students can enroll in courses, faculty and departments must work to modify and create proposals to create those courses for the Raider community.

The new tool has only been used for a couple of months. However, there are currently up to 60 new course proposals.

“There’s a lot of activity going on in all of our programs; this is a direct result of the continuous improvement process our faculty members go through to review our courses and programs to make sure that we are meeting the students’ needs or demands of industry,” Steele-Middleton said.

The program shows a detailed list of changes, as well as notes and comments on the proposal as it goes through the steps.

Advisors can also utilize this tool by receiving alerts on course changes, removals or additions. This information is also used for marketing to update any websites, and for financial aid to submit any programs that need to be covered, according to Steele-Middleton

“This really goes toward meeting the president’s goal of transparency,” Steele-Middleton said.

The online catalog was created for better efficiency and organization of faculty and department proposals. There are many universities and colleges in Ohio whose processes range from paper proposals to submitted word documents, or to online catalogs similar to WSU’s new system.

Sarah Cavender

Former Editor-in-Chief

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