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SGA Cancels Next Week’s Meeting, Encourages Students to Vote

SGA meeting

SGA Meeting | Photo by Brett Hull | The Wright State Guardian

Student Government Association (SGA) met on Tuesday, Oct. 26 to discuss upcoming events, opportunities for students and election day next week. 

Latino Day 

Latino Day is this Friday, Oct. 29. According to Latino Center Intercultural Specialist Fermin Recarte, Latino high school students will be coming to campus to learn about college. 

“The important thing about this is that some of these students never even dreamed to be part of a university and if you see them on campus come over and talk to them,” Recarte said. 

RA Selection 

Woods Community Director Heath Marker provided information on how students can become an RA. 

Students interested in becoming an RA can apply by Dec. 10. Students need two references on their applications which can be anyone in the WSU community. Those who become RAs must take SAA 4100, a  seven-week course in the spring. Registration for the course ends on Jan. 9 

“RA’s are really beneficial to student success, especially those within our residential community. Making sure that student’s academics, their health, and all of that is taken care of and our students are getting what they need,” Marker said. 

Students can get more information and apply here:

Athletics survey 

The last day for students to take the athletic survey was Friday, Oct. 22. According to SGA President Jonathan Ciero, 19% of the student population responded to the email. 

Election Day 

Election day is next Tuesday, Nov. 2. There will be no SGA meeting next week in observation of election day. 

Cicero encourages students to go out and vote. 

“Your voice is important no matter how small you might think it is,” Cicero said. 

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor