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SGA Discusses Increased Security and Upcoming Events

Student Government Association meeting

SGA Meeting | Photo by Pete Murphy | The Wright State Guardian

On Sept. 28 Wright State University’s (WSU) Student Government Association (SGA) met to discuss increased security and upcoming campus events.

Resolution 21-01

Resolution 21-01 was presented at the previous SGA meeting in response to several security incidents in residential areas.

According to Residential Senator Chad Dudash, incidents included more than four car accidents, bicycle thefts and multiple forms of assault.

To increase security, resolution 21-01 proposes security cameras in six parking lots, a patrol each hour and continued upkeep for emergency call buttons. 

Cameras would be located by College Park apartments 2120 and 2170, Honors Hall, University Parks 2090, next to the Village apartments and the pedestrian bridge by Wingerd Service Dog Park.

“Increased security measures would make students feel more safe on campus, increase student morale and provide photographic evidence of any security incidents,” Dudash said.

The resolution was sponsored by Dudash and Krista Long, Director of Academic Affairs. It was co-sponsored by five SGA senators and two cabinet members. 

After a unanimous vote, the resolution passed. 

Raider Mart

In addition to housing security, SGA discussed housing food options. Markus Perry, Director of the SGA Internship Program, is continuing to look into Raidermart’s prices and staff’s quality.

According to Perry, employees and students have complained about one employee at Raidermart. Perry conducted his own observations as well. 

“For the past couple of weeks, I’ve watched this individual and seen them making fun of students who have disabilities and things like that, mocking them. So that’s what I mean by quality because it’s good to have an organization that’s providing food, but when you have people mocking our students, we don’t really need you,” Perry said.

NPHC plot unveiling ceremony

Following the Raidermart discussion, President Jonathan Ciero read out a message to SGA from former SGA president Adrian Williams.

As former SGA president, one project Williams helped start was the NPHC plots. In his message, he invited SGA to the NPHC plot unveiling ceremony.

The ceremony is Saturday, Oct. 2 at 3 p.m. near BART and is the first groundbreaking unveiling ceremony at WSU in over seven years. 

The ceremony will recognize all involved in creating the NPHC plots, including previous SGA members and current campus community members. President Sue Edwards will speak as well. 

Announcements and upcoming events

Apart from the NPHC unveiling ceremony, there are a few more upcoming events and announcements for students. 

Engineering and Computer Science Senator Anna Spiros is currently looking into SGA sponsoring a blood drive.

On the academic side, Long spoke to students about their experiences with the math and writing centers.  

“I’ve heard a lot of complaints about the math center in particular and its usefulness,” Long said. Based on this, Long plans to meet with Tim Litell, Associate Vice Provost for Student Success.

Commuter Senator Alaina Collins is continuing to collect ideas for the commuter lounge renovations and look into funding options. 

There are homecoming events throughout the week. These include Operation International on Wednesday at 3 p.m., the Bonfire and Chili Cookoff on Thursday at 6 p.m. and Wright Day to Give on Friday.

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