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SGA Discusses Possible Required Health Insurance, Other Resolutions

SGA meeting

SGA Meeting | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Student Government Association (SGA) held a meeting on Nov. 9 to discuss previous committee resolutions and the possibility of required health insurance for all WSU students.

Health insurance for all students

WSU currently offers a health insurance plan at the cost of $2,064 for a full school year as of August, which is a twenty-five percent drop from the original cost.

The proposed requirement would have all WSU students be on a health insurance plan, a requirement already for international students.

Many Ohio-area colleges and universities already have this requirement, such as the University of Toledo and The Ohio State University.

Chris Mihin, Vice President of Horan Campus Health and the Consultant of Student Health and Employee Benefits for WSU, presented to SGA on this topic.

“Basically, students are required by the university to carry adequate health insurance coverage, the insurance premium is added to the student’s tuition unless they show proof of other coverage,” Mihin said.

Approximately 80 to 85 percent of WSU students are already covered by their parent’s health insurance, so this would only apply to the 15 to 20 percent of students covered by the university health plan.

WSU can possibly reduce the student health plan even more if it becomes a requirement for all students.

Other updates and events

The Undergraduate Student Success Committee (USSC) discussed the importance of the curriculum analytics program and the need to make sure that the program is realistic enough to be completed in four years.

Additionally, various minor changes have been proposed and changed in the WSU curriculum in a September and October overview.

“Two new concentrations, six new licensures, four new courses, five-course deactivations, and thirty-course modifications were approved,” Anna Spiros, member of the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, said.