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SGA Election Results 2023

This is an update to the article below. Updated by Elayna Storts. 

At the Student Government Association meeting on Tuesday, April 4, the new SGA leadership was introduced post-elections. 

The next SGA president

Stephanie Buettner commented on being the new SGA President.

“I’m really excited. There’s a lot of work to do, but I’m ready to do it. I’m the first woman president in like 15 years, so it’s really an honor,” Buettner said.

Buettner also explained personal future plans for the position. 

“To add a director or senator position for UCIE students. We have such a large international student population on campus that are represented through their colleges, but should be represented here, too,” Buettner commented.

Buettner explained a readiness for the role, which the new president said is a perfect personal fit. 

According to Ryan Diaz, chair of Student Government Association’s Special Elections Committee, the winners of the 2023 SGA election are as follows.


President | Stephanie Buettner 

Vice President | Aliesha Knauer 


Commuter Senator | Selvin Bacon-Velasquez

College of Engineering and Computer Science | Cade Mason

College of Health Education and Human Services | Hailey Rainier

College of Liberal Arts| Vivianne Mellon 

These results are set to be ratified at the April 4 SGA meeting.

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