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SGA Elections: Candidates Announced

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Campaigning for the Student Government Association (SGA) 2020 election begins today, Sept. 7, and the candidate list has been announced.  

President and Vice President  

Two teams have been selected for the President and Vice President ballot.

Running for President is Samantha Baxter with Amani Wilson as Vice President.

Adrian Williams is running for President with Joe York as his running mate.  


Four senator positions currently have no candidates. The Commuter Senator position has three candidates.

The College of Engineering and Computer Science Senator position, the College of Liberal Arts Senator position and the College of Science and Math Senator position each have one candidate.  

Commuter Senator candidates:  

Mark Stickford  

Sabrina D’Alesandro 

Nhu Ngoc Honang 

College of Engineering and Computer Science Senator candidate:  

Gullzada Anwari  

College of Libral Arts Senator candidate:  

Victoria Soloman 

College of Science and Math Senator candidate:  

Zayneb Moumkine  

The College of Education and Human Services, College of Nursing and Health, Raj Soin College of Business and Residential Senator positions currently do not have any candidates.

The procedure for unfilled positions is outlined in the SGA constitution.

When positions are left unfilled at the beginning of the academic year, the president must notify the campus of the open positions and make the appropriate applications available, according to the SGA constitution.

After the one week application process is concluded, a candidate will then be nominated to fill the vacant position and must be confirmed by a majority vote of the Senate.

Voting will begin Sept. 13 and end Sept. 17. Campaigning will continue throughout voting week.  

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor