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SGA: Hazing, Scooters on Campus and an Executive Order

Student Government Association Meeting Notes

SGA Meeting Notes | The Wright State Guardian

On Tuesday, March 26 the Student Government Association (SGA) met via WebEx to discuss resolutions and an executive order related to Wright State University (WSU) students.  

Bringing Scooters to Campus with SPIN 

SGA President Adrian Williams is working to bring scooters to campus so students can use them to conveniently get to and from classes. The program is called SPIN, and involves using an app to rent a scooter for transportation use. Prices involve a $1 unlocking fee and a range of $0.15-$0.35 per minute. Additionally, students can save $0.50 on their unlocking fee if they return the scooter to a charging port or other designated area.  

Furthermore, this program would be made accessible to low-income students with some pricing adjustments and the ability to apply Pell Grants to the costs of this service. Low-income students would pay $0.50 unlocking fees + $0.07 per minute to use the scooters.  

In addition to the accessibility, Williams believes the scooters will appeal to prospective students and assist in recruiting measures. 

At this time, no official legislation has been passed to move this proposal forward as the current administration is leaving it for the next SGA staff to decide as they are elected.  

Ohio Hazing Law Reform: Collin’s Law  

Chief Policy Officer Hannah Weisgerber did a presentation to discuss what happened at Bowling Green State University (BGSU) and how that incident affects WSU students. With the tragic passing of Stone Foltz, many Ohio universities are taking steps to increase punishment for hazing and raise awareness to prevent future events.  

Named after Ohio University student, Collin Wiant, Collin’s Law is working to improve current hazing legislation and increase punishment for those guilty of hazing. SGA discussed their intention to go to Columbus and present testimony to support this bill. President Williams said that this will be further discussed at future meetings to determine the exact steps that SGA will take in regards to this legislation.  

It is important to note that this legislation would hold any students associated with hazing accountable–not just those in direct contact with the victim. Witnesses who do not speak up are also culpable for the hazing as well.  

“Violation of being aware of hazing and not reporting is guilty of failing to report hazing, a fourth-degree misdemeanor,” Weisgerber said.  

With this, hazing will be more strictly monitored and hold more people accountable than current policies.  

Executive Order 21-01  

President Williams mandated this executive order to develop the Student Life Reintegration Task Force that will help students acclimate to campus life. Members will include members of SGA, members of the Coordinating 9 organizations, members of the general student body and staff/faculty. The goal is to work towards a post-pandemic future on campus and work to develop campus life back to where it was before the coronavirus.  

This order will be signed effective the first day of summer to ensure a smooth transition for Fall 2021.  

SGA meetings are held every Tuesday at 7pm via WebEx; all students are welcome to attend.  

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