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SGA Holds Remote Petitioning For Upcoming Election

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The Student Government Association’s (SGA) election will be held in September and petitioning as well as some campaigning will take place remotely to uphold the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) social distancing guidelines.  

Update: Petitioning has been extended from Aug. 24 – Sept. 2 to Aug. 24 – Sept. 4. Additionally, a Margin of Leniency of 80% has been applied to the required number of signatures needed for the official ballot.

The application process 

Positions open this semester include President, Vice President, and every Senator position. Candidacy application forms will be available starting Monday, Aug. 24 on Engage.

Eligible students who complete a candidacy application form will then be able to petition to be put on the ballet. Application forms are due on Sept. 2.  


In the past, petitioning involved obtaining signatures from students in-person around campus. Due to coronavirus and social distancing guidelines, this year’s petitioning will occur fully on Wings.

The names of possible candidates will appear on Wings and students add their signatures by clicking on the names they wish to endorse.  

“For example, if two people petition for College of Liberal Arts senator, then I can either select both names and sign for both of them or select one name that I support and sign for them,” said SGA Chief Policy Officer Eli Smith.  

As stated during the Candidates Meeting held by SGA, “President and Vice President are required to achieve 300 signatures, the college of nursing and health senator will be required to achieve 50 signatures and all other positions will be required to achieve 100 signatures.”  


After the petitioning process and an official ballet is made, campaigning will begin Sept. 7 both in person and remotely.  

As long as candidates follow CDC guidelines and practice social distancing, they can campaign on campus. In addition to the usual campaigning method, candidates will also be able to campaign remotely through the use of Special Elections Council delegated social media accounts.  

The campaigning regulations have been updated for this year, and any candidate found in severe violation of these regulations could be removed from the ballet.  

According to the SGA website, students and faculty can submit violations if a candidate breaks any of the existing and updated campaign regulations.  

The campaign regulations can be found on the SGA website on the Elections section.  


Voting will take place Sept. 13 to Sept. 17 on wings. Although online petitioning is new due to coronavirus, the past several elections have taken place remotely.  

Campaigning will continue throughout the week of voting.  


Election results will be posted on the SGA website as well as the SGA social media pages on Sept. 18.  

For more information regarding the entire election process, students can go here >>>

Alexis Wisler

Managing Editor

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