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SGA: Mask Drive, Arts Gala and Fall Semester Grades

Student Government Association Meeting Notes

SGA Meeting Notes | The Wright State Guardian

The Student Government Association (SGA) met over WebEx on Nov. 17 for its weekly meeting and discussed a mask drive, a possible arts gala and grading for the fall semester.

Mask drive 

Commuter Senator Sabrina D’Alesandro is working on a mask drive that will take place next semester. D’Alesandro is currently collecting masks, but will be officially collecting them in February. Students who wish to donate a mask can reach out to D’Alesandro or wait until the official collection day.  

“To make sure that this is a really well planned out event, I will be officially collecting the masks Feb. 5. However, up to this point, I have collected 93 masks so far,” said D’Alesandro.  

Arts gala  

College of Liberal Arts Senator Victoria Solomon is working with the College of Liberal Arts Dean to host an arts gala. As of now, no date is set and whether or not the gala will be remote or in-person is unknown.  

“We’re currently in the phase of ‘yes, we’re having it,’ but we have steps of what’s happening, like ‘if the pandemic takes this shift, then we have to take a different approach.’ But that’s our meeting that’s coming up in two weeks to kind of decide if it’s official or not,” said Solomon.  

Fall semester grades  

SGA President Adrian Williams announced that he has been talking with Wright State University President Edwards and other administration about grading this semester.  

“For the past week or so I’ve been working with President Edwards and Faculty Senate President Luehrmann on what can be done about grades this semester,” said Williams. 

At this time, Williams was unable to provide any further details.  

Anyone who wants to attend SGA meetings can do so on Tuesdays at 7 p.m. over WebEx.  

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