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SGA: Meeting canceled, Williams Still in Hospital

SGA | Photo by Sarah Cavender | The Wright State Guardian

Editor’s note: Student Body President Adrian Williams spoke to The Guardian from the hospital to give the student body an update on his health as well as an update for SGA.

Student Government Association (SGA) President Adrian Williams remains in the hospital with acute renal failure. The SGA meeting set for Tuesday Oct. 6 was canceled due to his absence.

Health update 

Williams was rushed to the hospital the Sunday after the election results became public after experiencing what he called the worst pain in his life.  

Williams has been in the hospital since he checked in on Sunday Sept. 27 and is awaiting a kidney biopsy to determine the cause of the acute renal failure.  

“They’ve been trying to figure out why exactly it happened, they’re not necessarily sure. I’m trying to wait for a kidney biopsy to be performed on me. The problem is my blood pressure has been extremely high and they haven’t been able to give me the biopsy. It’s been three or four days that I’ve been trying to get the blood pressure down and it just won’t go down and until it does go down, I can’t have the biopsy,” said Williams.  

During this time, Williams has been on dialysis and finished his fourth round on Oct. 6.  

SGA update  

Williams encourages students interested in joining SGA to apply to the cabinet and other available positions posted on Handshake.  

“My goal is to, throughout this week and early next week, get the people who submit applications interviewed and to have their paperwork,” said Williams.  

Williams wishes to hold off on talking about his campus goals in-depth until he is in office with his team, but he did share a few things that he would like to work on this year as SGA President.  

“There will be a number of politicians and people from the State House coming, we invited the governor to come on campus and we’ve invited a couple of other people just to give them a tour of campus,” said Williams.  

Williams also said that he wishes to focus on graduation and the upcoming sports season once he is out of the hospital to ensure that campus life at WSU stays strong during this time.  

“I’d like to encourage everybody to please support their organizations’ virtual events and…socially distanced events because without those we just won’t have a campus life and we really need people to just be there now more than ever,” said Williams.  

Students can reach out to Williams at [email protected] with any questions, comments or concerns they have.