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SGA meeting: what you missed

Student Organization Complex | Photo by Cheyenne Waddell | The Wright State Guardian

Student Organization Complex | Photo by Cheyenne Waddell | The Wright State Guardian

On Jan. 21, the Student Government Association (SGA) held a public general meeting during which former University College Senator Zayneb Moumkine spoke out in hopes of reclaiming the position.  

According to SGA’s constitution, a vacant position can only be reacquired by the person that held it if two-thirds of the Senate vote yes. During a meeting in 2019, President Ivan Mallett declared the position held by Moumkine vacant due to unexcused absences from weekly general meetings. 

Moumkine introduced herself to the members of SGA, then gave an apology for her absences. 

“I held the university college position and I did a lot of work over the summer and towards the beginning of the semester. But due to some personal issues, I was unable to continue,” said Moumkine.  

Several members of the Senate asked her questions regarding her intentions and past accomplishments to determine if she should be reinstated. 

After a 15-minute executive session, it was declared that the Senate voted not to reinstate Moumkine. 

The position will now be open for applications as well as the college of education and human services senator and the director of internal affairs. All job listings and applications can be found on Handshake.  

Catherine Hernandez, a student success coach, spoke about the Student Retention Team, which aims to increase course completion rates and overall retention rates. The Student Retention Team is currently looking for associates to assist with office duties and act as peer coaches for students.

Four positions will be open each semester. Students can apply on Handshake by searching for “Student Retention Associate.”