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SGA: Neurodivergence and Disability Center, Gun Violence

SGA Meeting Oct 25 | Photo by Kit Rheyne | The Wright State Guardian

The Wright State University Student Government Association held its weekly meeting this past Tuesday, Nov. 28, to discuss a possible new staff member in the Neurodivergence and Disability Center and to hear from a speaker about gun violence. 

Neurodivergence and Disability Center

SGA’s Director of Student Organizations, AJ Allen, pitched the idea of hiring an Assistant Director of Neurodivergence and Accessibility at some point in the future.

The Neurodivergence and Disability Center is located in the Culture and Identity Centers. It currently does not have an assistant director, and students and faculty are beginning to voice the need for a full-time staff member who will be able to fulfill these duties.  

Allen introduced the resolution that she wrote on the subject for its first reading. 

Vice President of BSU speaks about gun violence

Tréyah Gray, the vice president of the Black Student Union, came to the meeting to speak on her perspective on the recent gun violence in the area. Gray noted the most recent Beavercreek Walmart shooting on Nov. 20 that was racially motivated, as well as other such crimes and acts of violence. Gray discussed the feelings that this causes, especially for minority groups. 

Gray also mentioned the gun violence protest on Nov. 29, which she was involved in the planning of. She urged students to attend to show support for the cause.

Rowdy bobblehead award

Madisyn Crabtree, director of student affairs, passed the Rowdy bobblehead award back to AJ Allen at this meeting. Crabtree explained that Allen has been very helpful, and the two have been working closely together. 

“I really appreciate having him back,” Allen said about the Rowdy bobblehead.

SGA will meet again on Tuesday, Dec. 5, at 8 p.m. in the Student Union Atlantis A/B room.  

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