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SGA: New Committee and Cabinet Confirmations

Student Government Association Meeting Notes

SGA Meeting Notes | The Wright State Guardian

The Student Government Association (SGA) confirmed nine nominees to new positions of leadership and asked for nominees for a new committee during their Oct. 27 meeting. 

New committee 

A new committee has been created to help search for the next Vice President for Inclusive Excellence (VPIE) at Wright State University. The committee consists of university administration, faculty and other members of the campus community.

SGA has been asked to nominate someone to serve as a student representative on the committee.

Students interested in joining this committee, which will start at the end of this week, are encouraged to email SGA President Adrian Williams after the meeting. 

Cabinet confirmations 

Nine nominated students were accepted into SGA to occupy the cabinet. Each student was given two minutes to introduce themselves and explain why they were qualified to fill their respective position. Senators were also given the chance to ask the nominees short questions regarding their position and application.  

After these introductions, Williams, Vice President Joe York, SGA faculty advisor Courtney Mullins and the student senators gathered for an executive session and voted on whether to appoint the candidates. 

Each of the confirmations was unanimous. 

Chief of Staff Eli Smith, Director of Internal Affairs Jisa Patel, Director of External Affairs Ty Callahan, Director of Diversity & Inclusion Chinenye Amagwu, Director of Accessibility, Health & Safety Chiemaka Okafor, Director of Academic Affairs Lacey Loges, Director of Student Affairs Tiphani Moss, Director of the Student Government Internship Program Fatima Boumahchad and Director of Outreach & Collaboration Brendan Draper were all appointed. 

Three nominees have had previous experience working with SGA. Smith was the SGA Chief Policy Officer and a Commuter Senator before taking over as Chief of Staff. Callahan was the assistant director of External Affairs and Boumahchad worked as the director of the Freshman Internship Program.  

“Thank you all for applying…,” said Williams. “I’m excited to get to know you more and continue to work with you all going forward. 

The confirmation of nominee Jeff Shehee is postponed until the Nov. 3 meeting due to a scheduling conflict. 

Four positions in SGA have yet to be filled, including the director of External Affairs, which has remained vacant due to scheduling conflicts with interviewing candidates. Three other roles, the chief policy officer and the senators for University College and the College of Business, are vacant as well. 

Maxwell Patton

Wright Life Reporter