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SGA: New Director of Inclusive Excellence

SGA | Photo by Bethany Althauser | The Wright State Guardian

On Tuesday, Dec. 5, the Wright State University Student Government Association held its weekly meeting to welcome a new director of inclusive excellence. It was the last SGA meeting of the semester.

Director of Inclusive Excellence

SGA voted and unanimously approved a new Director of Inclusive Excellence, Steven Truong, who was welcomed to take a seat at the SGA table. 

This seat had been vacant since the previous director resigned earlier in the semester. 

Rowdy bobblehead award

AJ Allen, director of student organizations, passed the Rowdy bobblehead award to Ariana Ellis, the chief of staff. Allen said that Ellis was very helpful while working together on budget reviews.

Ellis accepted the award happily, and all of SGA called for her to give a speech.

“The semester is almost over,” Ellis said. “Thank you for just being a nice group of people that I get to continuously see every week. I like coming here.”

(Almost) a record time

After the meeting adjourned, some SGA members discussed what a brief meeting it was. With the meeting being only seven minutes long, they thought for a moment that they had set a new record. They soon remembered that a previous final meeting of a semester was only five minutes long. 

SGA will not meet again until the beginning of next semester. 

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