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SGA: Virtual Commencement, In Person Meetings and Spring Break

SGA virtual meeting | Photo by Roxanne Roessner | The Wright State Guardian

The Sept. 15 Student Government Association (SGA) meeting started as usual with roll call and committee reports. Two by-law amendments were passed by roll call as well. 

Committee reports

College of Liberal Arts senator Jackson Cornwell discussed the Spring 2020 commencements being virtual in October. Cornwell also said that the December commencements could be held virtually due to spikes in coronavirus cases.

These virtual commencements would be a hybrid of live and pre-recorded segments. 

The Academic Sub Committee discussed whether or not classes would be held remotely after spring break or if there would be a spring break. As of now, according to the Director of Academic Affairs Samantha Baxter, there will be a spring break, but students will be encouraged to quarantine after returning. 

SGA advisor and Program Manager of Student Organizations Courtney Mullins discussed the In-Person Activities Committee (IPAC). The committee first met on Sept. 15 to talk about organizations meeting in person. In-person meetings can be requested by reaching out to IPAC.  

By-law amendments 

Two by-law amendments were passed by roll call during the meeting. These amendments were passed to clarify past amendments to the by-law. 

Students are encouraged to attend SGA meetings in the future. SGA meetings are every Tuesday at 7 p.m.