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SGA Welcomes New Vice President, Has Continuing Plans for Spring Semester

SGA Administration 2022 | Photo by Jamie Naylor | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State’s student governing body welcomes former senator to vice presidency and plans to improve student academic, professional and extracurricular experience across campus. 

Alaina Collins named new Vice President

Student Government Association President Blake Bailey offered Alaina Collins, former Commuter Senator for the student governing body, the newly vacant vice presidency at the end of the Fall 2022 semester, according to Collin, who accepted the offer.

Collins explained that Brandon Blair, the previous vice president of SGA, accepted an opportunity to study abroad at the end of the fall 2022 semester, which left the seat open. The new vice president explained the transition.

“I became the Vice President of SGA through a set of unique circumstances,” Collins noted. “A presidential executive order was written and signed by our Policy Administrator prior to this meeting, which laid out the position change that was to occur. All actions were done in accordance with SGA’s constitution and bylaws, which can be found on both our website and Engage page.”

In this new position, Collins hopes to improve the university Honors program and provide opportunities for student professional and personal development. Collins assured a collaboration with the SGA cabinet, senate, and executive board to serve the student body.

While being what Bailey calls a “seasoned veteran,” Collins hopes to continue ensuring the best for students and asks for leniency in the transition period. 

“SGA plans to continue ensuring that the students’ needs are being put first,” Collins said. “I ask for patience and grace from the student body as I am still navigating my new role and the responsibilities that come with it.”

Continued plans from Fall 2022

Collins noted that SGA plans to revisit some topics, including mental health initiatives, improvements to the College of Graduate and Honors Studies and implementation of clearer campus signage, in the upcoming spring semester. 

Bailey also noted a popular idea from last semester that will continue in the spring: a sports bar. 

“I’m going to be trying to muster up some support, you know, and, I mean, after all, it is one of the things that students have consistently asked for,” Bailey commented. 

New plans to look for in Spring 2023

Bailey explained the process for coming up with new ideas that SGA can tackle. 

“We’re having conversations with people, faculty, students, especially students, every one of these resolutions start with a conversation with a student,” Bailey said. 

After these conversations, the governing body compiles field research and meets with the proper people and institutions who can aid in possible changes. 

Collins and Bailey noted multiple new initiatives that SGA has in the works for the upcoming semester. One topic Bailey will be working on is advising. 

“I’ve heard students say that it’s not very consistent across the board,” Bailey mentioned. “I want that to be more consistent. Every student would be able to have a four year plan customized to them with CCP credits factored in and everything.”

Alongside advising improvements cross-campus, other spring SGA initiatives include plans for being responsible with alcohol consumption and bringing back Raider Nights in the City.

How to reach out to SGA

For more information about SGA and upcoming plans, students can reach SGA members through delegated emails, in office hours located in Student Union 029H, through social media accounts and at SGA meetings every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in Student Union Atlantis A/B. 

Visit the organization’s webpage. Students can find additional information on SGA’s Engage page

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