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Students Becoming Semester-Long Wellness Coaches

Students working | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Students Working | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State (WSU) Student Affair members are using the platform Apportis to connect with peers and support students’ mental health and prosperity. 

Apportis and its innovation

Combining the use of telemedicine and consistent analytics gives Apportis the platform capable of reaching embellished solutions. 

This software development firm applies these tools to schools and universities across the field, including WSU. 

The wellness coaches of WSU

This past pandemic ensued a frenzy of emotions and actions that many individuals have never witnessed in recent memory. These occurrences have allowed society to be more open and accepting of mental health. 

WSU Graduate Student and Admissions Recruiter Lauren MacGregor felt like the past year was at its lowest point. 

“The stress and changes that came along with the pandemic caused students to be thrown through hoops that they never saw coming,” MacGregor said.

MacGregor also emphasizes the support of the program Apportis developed as it covers the aspects of emotional, spiritual, environmental, physical and financial health. 

“It was nice to be able to chat with the Apportis team and give them feedback on our sessions and their programs. I think that they have huge potential with this world going more and more digital on a daily basis,” MacGregor said.

A graduate student, seeking a Master of Education degree in Student Affairs, Holly-Kristina Averette also had the opportunity to work as a wellness coach. 

“I felt that this was my chance to be accountable with myself and hopefully help others along the way,” Averette said. 

The experience Averette gained helped with her own wellness in life. 

“Using the Apportis app to connect with others also helped me get through the feeling of isolation that has come with the pandemic. Connecting with peers bi-weekly to learn how we can cultivate wellness in our lives was a great experience and the Apportis app helped to make that happen,” Averette said. 

WSU Graduate Student Nycole Hicks also had similar phases during the pandemic as her peers. 

“Due to the pandemic, I’ve been choosing isolation more outside of work, class or family gatherings. I used to be the individual always ready and on go for the next outing, excursion or lunch date but now I much rather be alone or in the house. I was assigned the Social Wellness in which was a no brainer for me because it’s like second nature but throughout the assignment I had realized that I needed to get back to the old me and I am grateful for that,” Hicks said.

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