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Student Government Association: Election Resolution

SGA | Photo by Monica Brutto | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University’s Student Government Association hopes to pass a new resolution that would allow students, faculty and staff to have election day off. 

Election resolution

SGA proposed a new election resolution 23-06, which states that students, faculty and staff would have election day off. 

Brandon Blair, Vice President of SGA, explained that the goal of the resolution is not only to get election day off, but also to attach it to a weekend, creating a break period. For example, if election day is on a Tuesday, students, faculty and staff would have that Monday before off. 

The resolution names organizations that have tried to implement similar changes, such as the Black Student Union, Black Men on the Move, Wright State Votes, Left of Center and College Republicans. 

The vice president mentioned that no singular person or organization came up with the idea and that many have tried to do this before; however, those resolutions did not pass. SGA hopes that this time will be different. 

According to SGA President Blake Bailey, SGA sent the resolution to university Provost Dr. Amy Thompson, who then gave it to the registrar, who will then provide feedback and recommend to SGA what can be done. 

 Bailey explained that if the resolution does get passed, the earliest it could be implemented would be the next academic school year. 

Alaina Collins, Commuter Senator of SGA, helped write the resolution. According to Collins, reading similar resolutions from other universities helped determine the format and outline of the WSU version.

SGA members spoke about why this resolution is important for Wright State. 

“We want students to be able to have more opportunity to go and vote, especially since we are at a heavy commuter school. I know I had to go back to where I live where I’m registered to vote,” Collins said. 

Collins believes that this will allow students to have more time to go home and vote. 

“I think Wright State deserves their beliefs to be reflected in the office, and part of that is being able to go and vote,” Bailey noted. 

To learn more, feel free to attend the weekly SGA meetings that occur every Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the Atlantis Room of the Student Union. SGA meetings are also available to attend virtually through WebEx.

Elayna Storts

Wright Life Reporter

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