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Student Opinion: Wearing Masks on Campus

Homemade Mask | Photo by Shawn Kimberlin | The Wright State Guardian

Homemade Mask | Photo by Shawn Kimberlin | The Wright State Guardian

With the coronavirus came a new normal, and Wright State University (WSU) students are all doing their part to stop the spread. Although most classes are online this semester, some students still have in-person classes that require them to wear a mask.  

Masks have become the new normal  

With WSU requiring everyone on campus to wear a mask unless they can properly socially distance, students say that wearing one has begun to feel normal to them.  

“I think wearing a mask is really smart and the safest way to go about this pandemic. I don’t even really think about wearing one anymore. It’s only uncomfortable when I’m wearing a certain type of mask, like if I’m wearing a cloth one because I don’t like those. It’s also uncomfortable as well when other students don’t wear theirs in the classroom,” said senior international business major Chyanne Jamison.  

“I don’t mind wearing a mask at all. Sometimes I don’t even notice it’s on. It was hard to get used to when masks were first starting to be normal, but otherwise I don’t mind wearing it and I feel good when I do it. I don’t think it’s asking too much to put a [piece of] cloth over your face,” said junior English major Amy Conrad.  

Stopping the spread of the coronavirus  

Although wearing a mask can sometimes be uncomfortable, WSU students say they don’t mind wearing one if there’s a chance it’ll stop the spread of the coronavirus.  

“I don’t mind wearing a mask. Even though there are arguments for both sides, it’s more dangerous to not wear one and then find out it was actually beneficial rather than wear it and then find out it wasn’t actually doing anything. Better to be safe than sorry. If I am in a closed space (such as a building) with people I am not familiar with, I prefer to wear one for my own peace,” said senior international business major Jugad Mattu 

“I have neutral feelings towards masks. I don’t even notice when I’m wearing one, aside from the fact that my face is sometimes warmer. If there’s a chance it will stop the spread of COVID, I’m happy to wear one. My only worry is I’m running out of disposable ones, but I’ve heard Wright State mailed reusable ones to students. I’m grateful for that, though I haven’t received it yet,” said freshman business economics major Josephine Freccero  

Anything to be back on campus  

WSU students were eager to return to the classroom after the university shut down in March. Some students say they don’t mind wearing a mask if it means they can have in-person classes again.  

“To be back on campus is exciting and I do not mind wearing the mask in class. I’d rather be in class than online. On campus class has better interaction with the professor and my classmates. My professor makes the experience worthwhile and we always follow the daily guidelines or restrictions. I get excited to go on campus,” said senior international business major Sandrine Izabiliza 

“Wearing a mask on campus doesn’t bother me. I wouldn’t say it necessarily makes me feel better or worse being around people on campus, masks have become such a normality that it just feels like another day to me. I enjoy being back on campus for at least some of my classes, I cannot stand online classes. I’m just ready for this to be over and for all of us to be able to fully go back to campus. I feel bad for the freshman who don’t get to experience Wright State the way I did my freshman year,” said vocal music education major Noah Carpenter  

Masks can be found in campus vending machines if any student needs one for their in-person classes.