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Student Trustee Applications Now Available

Student Trustee | Graphic by Dylan Collison | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) is currently accepting applications for students wishing to participate in a two-year term on the Board of Trustees.  

Appointed by Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine, student trustees serve as a voice of the student body in board meetings.  

Application Requirements 

Those students wishing to apply for the position of student trustee must meet the following criteria:  

  • Be a full-time WSU student 
  • Have at least two years remaining to complete degree 
  • Have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher 
  • Be a resident of Ohio eligible to vote  

Applicants are also asked to boast these characteristics:  

  • Strong communication skills 
  • High level of professionalism 
  • Ability to critically think and do research 
  • Familiarity with WSU and commitment to serve 

Students wishing to apply for a student trustee position are encouraged to reach out to the WSU Student Government Association (SGA) and Board of Trustees Secretary Shari-Mickey Boggs who both facilitate the application process.  

Who is the Board of Trustees 

The WSU Board of Trustees is composed of nine voting members, two student trustees and four national trustees.  

All members of the board are appointed by Gov. DeWine and are entrusted to make decisions and approve policies that support the vision and mission of the university. Furthermore, the board ensures that WSU is accountable to its students, faculty, staff, alumni, community partners and local, state and federal government officials. 

Current student trustees 

Student trustee Olivia Sneary said that being a trustee has given her the opportunity to relay the feelings of the student body as well as provide valuable feedback to the board on initiatives and decisions that the board makes.  

“We, as students, are the ones that are on campus every day feeling the direct impact of decisions that the board and administration makes. As a result, the board wants and needs to hear how decisions are impacting students on a day-to-day basis,” Sneary said.  

In addition to relaying feedback to the board, student trustees are also entrusted with serving on several committees, attending meetings, preparing presentations and acting as a liaison between students and the board.  

The responsibility of performing several duties enhances students’ resumes, acts as proof of leadership and communication skills and gives a unique opportunity for students to become involved and engage with community and university leaders.  

“In the position itself, you have to be able to converse with a wide range of people, from fellow students, to CEOs, to presidents and faculty. The position also requires one to be a quick thinker and learner. Future employers want to hire people who are dedicated to their company, have a high level of professionalism, and are able to clearly communicate with their team,” Sneary said.  

Student Trustee Dhishant Asarpota echoed similar feelings to Sneary and added that the professional growth opportunities associated with becoming a student trustee are vast.  

“Working in an interprofessional, collaborative manner is a huge component of personal and professional growth. The competencies one will develop on the board are transferable towards any career. Actually, this is such a high-level position that the responsibilities a student faces are often not experienced amongst our peers, which give us a great deal of professional maturity,” Asarpota said.  

Chair comments 

Serving as Chair to the Board of Trustees until June 30, 2026, Tom Gunlock said that student trustees are a highly valued asset to the board and help ensure clear communication to the student body.  

“The student trustee position is one of the most prestigious positions a student can hold and serves in a wide-ranging capacity which demands a serious commitment of time and resources,” Gunlock said. “Our student trustees bring us the viewpoints of our customers just like in a normal business environment, and are highly encouraged to speak up during our meetings.”  

A full list of the WSU Board of Trustees roster, meeting schedules and contact information may be found here.  

Nicolas BenVenuto

News Editor

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