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Students and Alumni Gather to ‘Bridge the Gap’ at Annual Event

WRIGHT LIFE: Bridging the Gap event

WRIGHT LIFE: Bridging the Gap event | Photo by Qusai Takuri | The Wright State Guardian

Students gathered to attend the annual “Bridging The Gap” event this past Wednesday. Students and alumni from all different organizations, fraternities, and sororities such as African American Residential Caucus (AARC), Black Men On The Move (BMOTM), Black Women Striving Forward (BWSF), AΦA, AKA, ΔΣΘ and more joined in on the activities. 

What Is Bridging The Gap?

Bridging The Gap is an event hosted by the BLACKtie and the Black Student Union (BSU). Alumni from different graduating years came together to speak with the undergraduate students and share their personal experiences at WSU. 

This event served as an opportunity for the students, giving them a space to be open with people who have shared similar stories and receive advice that will help them with their futures. 

This was also significant to the alumni who attended as they were able to help others grow and teach them ways to succeed for generations down the line.  Bridging The Gap has been going on annually for five years, each year growing more than the last. 

“Being able to give students this opportunity makes me feel accomplished and makes me feel good that I’m setting my peers up to succeed,” President of BSU DeShawn Mumford said.

What does it mean to ‘Bridge The Gap’

Bridging The Gap means ultimately what it says. It is an occasion for students to meet mentors, create connections, and form longtime friendships within the black community. It is for the black students to gain leadership within their circle and the circles of others, getting rid of generational curses and creating stronger grounds to withhold themselves.

 It’s a safe haven, where students learn that they don’t always have to rush things and can take their time and that they have people to lean on. 

“Just know you’re not supposed to have it all figured out when you’re just 18 and 19 years old,” said alumni Cameron Walker. 

To ‘Bridge The Gap’ means to stress the importance of connections and making yourself known in life. The alumni’s biggest advice to incoming freshmen and even graduating seniors is to get to know people, make friends and be seen. 

“Keep your network tight because you never know who you’re going to need, you never know who’s going to be sitting across from you offering you a job, an opportunity,’ Said alumni and founder of BLACKtie Curtis Mann III.

Students can bridge the gap and share experiences with others who might grow from a helping hand.