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Students Eager to Stay Involved on Campus

Students around campus | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Students around campus | Photo by Jessica Fugett | The Wright State Guardian

Many students are still planning to stay involved on campus this fall by continuing to participate in their organizations and by using the library and dining services.

Overall involvement

The fall semester may look different this year, but many students are planning on being involved the best they can while staying safe.

“I’m going to do everything in my power to stay as involved as possible, potentially even more since this will be my last fall on campus,” said Jackson Cornwell, SGA college of liberal arts senator. “I trust that  everyone from students, faculty, staff, and administration [are] taking the current crisis seriously and so long as everyone continues to practice safe measures I have no issues being on campus.”

Some students have been impacted by the pandemic more than others and have a greater respect for the importance of guidelines and changes like Jennie Berrien, a student at Wright State.

“This fall will be very different. People are afraid (and rightly so),” said Berrien. “One of my family members is in the ICU right now with coronavirus. This virus is real and needs to be taken seriously.”

Other students may be like Jonathan Ciero, orientation peer mentor, who plans to stay involved but not any more than before.

“I think my involvement will be the same or slightly less,” said Ciero.  “I don’t mind wearing a mask and staying away from others if it means I can go to class, study in the fishbowl (a study room in Russ), eat on campus, etc.”

Organization involvement

Many students still plan to participate in their organizations this fall regardless if they continue meeting virtually or if they decided to meet face to face.

“I absolutely plan on staying involved in student organizations, they are my favorite part of my college experience and it wouldn’t be nearly as fun without them,” said Cornwell. “I’m so excited to be back in person though, to see other students and be back in the saddle of campus life.” 

Some students are excited to start seeing members of their organization in person rather than through a webcam.

“I will participate in face-to-face meetings if that is an option,” said Berrien.  “I believe meeting in person is more impactful than virtual meetings.” 

“I do plan on living on campus, and if student orgs will be meeting in person, I will most likely attend,” said Ciero. “I’ll definitely be wearing a mask during these meetings and keeping my social distance during the meetings.”

Dining Involvement

Many students trust that WSU will provide a safe way for students to dine this fall.

“I will plan on dining on campus,” said Ciero. “I have faith in WSU to be a clean place for eating, and again, I will keep my distance from others I do not know, use a card or touch-less payment methods when I can, and not spend more time than I need in the public areas.”

Some students will be spending less time on campus this fall, so they may not visit dining services as often.

“It’ll depend on what’s happening in my day, I won’t be living on campus so it’ll just depend on when and how long I’m on campus,” Cornwell. 

“If I am on campus, I will dine there,” Said Berrien. “I like eating in a social setting and not just by myself all the time,” 

Library involvement

Many students who regularly use the library on campus still plan to use its services this coming semester, but maybe a little less due to a decrease of in-person classes.

“I plan to, probably not as frequently as I would, but will be because of not being on campus as frequently,” said Cornwell.

“Most people use the Library to study, and I think I will find myself using the library to study still,” said Ciero.  “On the flip side, I will try to study more at home when I can, study at the library during hours that less people are there, or study somewhere less crowded on campus.”