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Students Respond to Sidewalk Construction on Campus

Construction | Kelsie Tomlinson | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University embarks on project to revitalize sidewalk spaces on the Dayton campus. Students react to the ongoing construction.  

Construction around the Student Union

On Aug. 26, 2022, the Wright State Communications Office notified students of a project to repair the paver sidewalks around the Student Union. The ongoing operation consists of six phases that began on Aug. 31.

According to University Architect Rob Thompson, the sidewalks need an overhaul as the bricks have deteriorated over time. Thompson mentioned increased durability, easier maintenance and more manageable maneuverability as benefits of the project. 

“It just doesn’t present a nice front door for any prospective students or any visitors, and so that’s another reason this project has jumped up in importance,” Thompson said. 

The university completed the third phase, which prompted a temporary closure of the bus stop near Lot Two, on Sept. 16. The rest of the stages will occur around the Student Union. 

Students respond

With construction temporarily closing sidewalks and entrances to the Student Union, some students had to make adjustments when navigating campus.

“It’s something that could’ve been done in the summer,” psychology major Kayla Roberts said. “Now, it’s a big inconvenience to the incoming freshmen that are still confused about where to go for classes.”

Accountancy major Mackenzie Cron also questioned the timing of the project.

 “I think it would’ve been better maybe in the summer or maybe during winter break,” Cron said.

Thompson clarified that the university intended to complete the project during the summer. 

“When it was publicly bid, no contractors bid on the project. This necessitated a re-bid and consequently a delay in the project,” Thompson said. “The good news is we’re actually a little ahead of schedule right now.” 

Biological Sciences major Trinity Kopenhaver agreed that the construction has caused issues.

“To get to the Union, you had to go all the way around the back, or you had to go through the tunnels. It was just a big inconvenience,” Kopenhaver said.

Kopenhaver also mentioned that the prior notice given to students was a sufficient amount of time.

“Now that it’s finished, it looks good. I like it,” business management major Matthew Correll said while observing the construction between the Student Union and Hamilton Hall.

According to a campus-wide communication, the six stage project will conclude by the end of October. 

Trey Brown

News Editor