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Students Voice Frustration About Raider Mart Prices


Raidermart | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Items that one would normally find inexpensive at a normal grocery store can be generally higher at Raider Mart, which drives some students to voice their frustrations. 

What’s Raider Mart?

Raider Mart is Wright State University’s (WSU) interpretation of an on-campus grocery store. While appearing small, Raider Mart does offer a decent amount of variety in selection. Located at the bottom of Honors Hall, in a quaint cutout, Raider Mart has one competitive edge compared to its major grocery store competitors: convenience.

“Raider Mart is so much easier to get to than Meijer or Walmart,” Seth Lubic, a resident of Forest Lane, said. “I don’t have to cross two hot parking lots and then carry everything back.”

While it is not a full-fledged store, Raider Mart carries items that students who are living alone for the first time might find themselves needing. Items on the shelf can range from a small snack or drink to full meals. 

“I usually like all the things at the Raider Mart, but if I don’t have swipes or if I was paying with cash I can see why you wouldn’t want to go there,” Lubic said.


With all the convenience that Raider Mart offers, the biggest downside is the pricing of a lot of items. A thrifty shopper may notice the large price disparities between items at Raider Mart and with grocery stores nearby.

“I never really understood why someone who isn’t on a meal plan would go and shop there,” Zach Buck, an off-campus student, said. “They have like a 100% markup on items.”

When comparing items in Raider Mart to items found in other stores like Meijer, there can be a significant price difference. For example, a 24 oz. bottle of Hershey syrup is priced at $4.59. Compared to the same item found at Meijer, the nearest full-fledged grocery store, which is priced at $2.59. These price discrepancies can be found in most items, anything from candy bars to microwavable meals. 

“It’s super frustrating,” Abigail Deeken, a resident of University Park Apartments, said. “I’ve lived on campus the whole time I’ve gone to Wright State and if you want to save any money you have to go off campus and shop at Walmart or Meijer.” 

While many on campus wish the Raider Mart was more consumer friendly, the convenience of being able to walk from your dorm or apartment to get groceries on a safe and secure campus or the ability to incorporate your groceries into your meal plan appeals to students.