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The CORQ App: What It Is and How to Use It

Fun apps to pass the time | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

Apps on phone | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

The CORQ app is a tool for students and staff to use to find events throughout the campuses with ease.

According to their website, CORQ helps college and university students discover and locate engaging co-curricular opportunities on and around their campus. 


Students and even organization leaders may be unaware of this app. The hope for this semester is for people to interact with the CORQ app more than previously. Students searching for clubs and activities are now able to find events to fill their days. Coronavirus may have put a damper on activities, but Wright State University (WSU) will continue to be a tight-knit community. 

If one were to open and explore the CORQ app, they would see that it contains information about all colleges that use Engage for their events.

Because of this, though travel from campus to campus is limited due to coronavirus, students would be able to visit other colleges and know exactly where the events are located. 

The Associate Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Debbie Lamp has been encouraging students and staff to utilize CORQ. 

“Students tend to use the app a lot on their first weekend, but not a lot after that. We are hoping now that things are virtual students will be using it more,” said Lamp.  


WSU initially used CORQ because it is a part of the Engage platform. Engage is used by WSU to connect organizations and their events. 

When an event is uploaded to Engage, it automatically is sent to CORQ. Students and staff can then get information about the activity without having to log into Wings and search for it. 

CORQ has events for both campuses either on the homepage or in a drop-down section for the Lake Campus. Students and staff can download the app onto their mobile devices and access the different activities happening on their campus. While most students use the CORQ app only during welcome week, they are encouraged to continue using it throughout the semester.  

Meetings and events 

Program Manager of Student Organizations Courtney Mullins has had to help organizations within WSU with how they can gather due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

“Right now, we are recommending our student organizations to have as many meetings and events virtually for the health and safety of everyone involved,” said Mullins. 

According to Lamp, people are finally beginning to take notice of the app and what it offers. WSU has been using CORQ for four years. 

“You can see all of the events on Engage, but people aren’t always near their computers to see them. This is a way to get around that,” said Lamp. 

Students and staff are encouraged to take a look at the app once this semester starts and participate in activities within the campus. 

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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