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The Fashion of Face Masks

Christine Moser making over 500 cloth face masks | Photo submitted by Christine Moser

Face masks | Photo submitted by Christine Moser

Over the past year, people have worn face masks to protect themselves and others from the coronavirus. Face masks have evolved to better fit into everyday life through logical upgrades to creating statement pieces.  

Patterned masks 

Back when the world first started wearing masks to slow the spread of the coronavirus, many places ran out of essentials such as hand sanitizer, masks and toilet paper. Due to this, people began crafting their very own masks with fabric around the house. Since then, masks have adopted patterns and images that help people express themselves even with half of their faces covered.  

Masks with headband buttons 

When people realized that their masks were too tight on their ears, they decided to start sewing buttons onto headbands to alleviate the pressure. This mask upgrade helped individuals live with the coronavirus pandemic and helped to bring fun accessories like headbands into the mix.  

Scrunchie masks 

A new trend going around social media is the scrunchie mask. This mask can wrap itself loosely around the wrist of the wearer to look and feel like a scrunchie while also doubling as a face mask. It is perfect for those who forget their masks at home while also always having a scrunchie on their wrist.  

Gator masks 

Gator masks cover the nose, mouth and neck of the wearer. Due to this, many people have begun purchasing or creating these masks that have large graphic designs on them. These range from graphics that support different causes to pink camo designs.  


Some individuals struggled with wearing masks that were too tight for their heads and instead turned to bandanas for help. These makeshift masks tie around the back of the head. Though they are not typically regarded as the safest mask, they will still work in a pinch.  

Decorative masks 

Decorative masks are exactly what they claim to be, decorative. These include mesh masks, lace masks, crystal masks and masks that generally do not filter or regulate the airflow of particles. Some people have taken the idea of masks and ran with it, creating works of art that are not functional for slowing the spread of the coronavirus.  

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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