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The Five Best Sports Movies of All Time

Raider up for spring sports season. Pexel

Raider up for spring sports season | Pexel | The Wright State Guardian

There are numerous different directions to go for the best sports movie of all time, and this is a widely debated topic that will not be coming to an end any time soon. 

These movies will be in no particular order, because it is challenging enough to decide what the best sports movies are. 


The “Rocky” series has multiple films that could be in this category due to the amazing performance by Sylvester Stallone as a boxer from Philadelphia. I decided to go with the original because that is when we are introduced to this amazing story. 

Rocky Balboa is a character that everyone loves because of his passion and hard work. He is someone that people can relate to because he seems like just a regular guy before he became the heavyweight champion of the world. We see the growth and the whole scope of what Rocky had to go through in his life.  

“Friday Night Lights” 

This movie is a classic that is led by Billy Bob Thornton as the head coach of a high school football team in Odessa, Texas. 

High school football is very serious in Texas, and this team has a chance to win a state title. The town puts immense pressure on these kids after their star player Bobbie Miles gets injured early in the season. 

The players take this very seriously and are trying to live up to the lofty expectations that the adults put on them, so they party a lot to cope with it. 

This movie is based on a true story about the 1988 Permian high school football team as they chase the state title. 


This movie is one of the most famous comedy films of all time, but it is also about the Bushwood Country Club and the golf caddies that work there. 

The cast is star-studded with roles from Chevy Chase, Rodney Dangerfield, Bill Murray, Ted Knight and etc. 

The Bushwood Country Club is very dysfunctional with caddies smoking and drinking on the job, while the older members hate the younger people that work there. 

This movie is all about the caddie, Danny, who is trying to get a scholarship for college while trying to figure out what he wants to do with his life. 


This film is a true story about the Oakland Athletics and how they changed the MLB forever due to their new approach to baseball. 

The general manager at the time was Billy Beane who, played by Brad Pitt, tries to build a team using analytics because he doesn’t have the money to pay big time players. 

He brings in cheap players that other people have doubted, based on the analytics and their ability to hit the ball. 

Beane revolutionized the MLB, while other teams and general managers were doubting his theory and approach to the game. 

“Coach Carter” 

This film is about a high school basketball coach that takes over for his former high school as head coach when they are struggling. 

The players on the team are disgruntled and not doing well in school. They don’t listen to authority and really struggle before Coach Carter shows up. 

Carter tries to make them better players, along with becoming better men. His sole focus is to make sure they make it in life, and along the way, he turns the basketball team around and they start winning games. 

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