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The Haunting of Fawcett Hall

Mindful Magic | Photo by Katelun Combs | The Wright State Guardian

Students of all backgrounds and beliefs came together for a night of investigation with Mindful Magic, as spirits continue to linger in Fawcett Hall and the connecting tunnels. 

Exploring the paranormal

Mindful Magic held a paranormal investigation on Friday, Sept. 15, to allow students the opportunity to explore the equipment and processes used on hit paranormal shows, such as “Ghost Adventures” and “Kindred Spirits.” 

Mindful Magic President Kaylee Raines and Wright State alumna Katie Trout each led a group of students through a hands-on exploration of the various spirits hanging around the halls of Wright State. 

Raines provided a reason why spirits would be so keen on staying around the university. 

“There’s a mixture of the people who originally inhabited this land,” Raines explained.  

Raines went on to list the local indigenous people, the families who had purchased and acquired land for farming after the colonization of Ohio, loved ones who are buried at the Rockafield Cemetery, as well as some faculty members and students who have either passed on or near campus. 

The investigation certainly piqued the interest of many students, as Trout described the meeting as having the highest turnout rate thus far.  

“We got a lot of good evidence, a lot of good communication, and that was very cool to see and to have everybody else see because we had probably the biggest group tonight that we’ve ever had at a Mindful Magic meeting, so it was super cool to be able to share that with our fellow students,” Trout said.  

Necessary equipment

Some of the equipment that Mindful Magic introduced included a tripwire, digital recorder and spirit box. A tripwire covers a wide area and will flash a different color when a presence is near. This allows the spirit(s) to communicate from a safe distance. A digital recorder allows the initial discussion to be documented and then played back to listen to what could not be heard in real time. Finally, with the spirit box, someone would put on noise cancellation headphones and relay the messages as they were being given from the spirit(s) through the device. 

Although the equipment is fun and helpful to use during investigations, these tools are not completely necessary, according to Raines.

“We always joke that the most important piece of equipment is our own bodies, so even if somebody is interested in the paranormal and they don’t have any equipment yet, they can still investigate,” Raines said.

Signs that your body will give you when spirits are present include the feeling of being watched, goosebumps, nervousness and lightheadedness, as the spirits may drain the individual’s energy to be able to manifest themselves, according to Raines. 

Mindful Magic

The Mindful Magic organization explores more than the paranormal, as the group also provides a safe space for examining astrology, tarot, magic and other non-traditional beliefs. For more information, visit the group’s page on Engage.

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