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The Latest Coronavirus Vaccination Updates

Pfizer COVID Vaccine | Illustration by Kayli Thompson | The Wright State Guardian

Within the last week, several updates regarding coronavirus vaccinations have been announced that have an impact at the local, state and federal level.  

National announcements 

One of the most notable updates regarding vaccinations includes Pfizer requesting authorization to be given to persons 12 and up from the FDA. Currently, Pfizer is authorized for emergency use in people ages 16 and up in the United States.  

“The FDA’s review process will probably take several weeks, provided the data look good and are consistent with what was seen in adults,” former FDA Chief Scientist Dr. Jesse Goodman said in a public statement to NBC News. 

Pfizer is hoping to be able to offer the vaccine to younger teens with the goal of vaccinating students before school resumes this fall. 

Statewide updates 

On April 7, the Ohio House of Representatives introduced House Bill 248, which would prevent individuals who do not get vaccinated for religious or medical reasons from being penalized or discriminated against.  

“The purpose of this legislation is to allow people to choose to do what they feel is best for their own body and protect individuals from any consequences or hardships for choosing one way or the other,” State Representative Jennifer Gross said when introducing the bill.  

If the bill is passed, Ohioans who choose not to receive a coronavirus vaccine would not be allowed to be denied service or forced to wear a mask once mask mandates are eliminated. At the time the bill was announced, over 3.7 million Ohioans had received their first round of vaccination, and 2.2 million of those had been fully vaccinated. 

Wright State vaccinations 

On April 8, Wright State University (WSU) began to administer the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccination to WSU students.  

“The student vaccination program is part of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine’s statewide effort to provide COVID-19 vaccines to college students before the Spring Semester concludes,” WSU Physicians announced on April 6.  

In addition, WSU Physicians also continues to offer the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in limited quantities each week through weekend vaccination clinics. To schedule a vaccination appointment, call 937.245.7200 or click here.   

Kaitlyn Chrosniak

News Reporter