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The Most Common New Year’s Resolutions

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As 2020 comes to an end, the following are some of the most common New Year’s resolutions people will likely be taking on in the coming weeks.  

Weight Loss 

Every year, millions of people plan to offset extra calories eaten during the holiday season by vowing to exercise and eat healthy in the new year.  

YouGov conducted a study in 2019 verifying that 50% of people vow to some type of weight loss or healthy lifestyle adaptations as a New Year’s resolution; however, further research shows that many tend to not stick to this trend.  

“The next steps [after making the resolution] are the hardest because it takes planning and follow through. It is so easy to fall back into our old habits the minute something goes wrong. Oftentimes when we get derailed, we psych ourselves into thinking it is too hard to get back on track,” said nutrition and dietetic specialist Judy Caplan on behalf of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  

Learn a new skill 

With coronavirus case numbers continuing to rise, it is not much of a surprise that learning something new, especially a hobby that can be developed from home, is still a highly anticipated New Year’s resolution.  

It is easy to get frustrated when trying to learn something new, especially if it is something that did not originally seem as difficult as it turned out to be. Practice makes perfect when it comes to learning anything new.  

Tutorials are easy to find all over the internet for any skill at any level. In addition, taking breaks and asking others for guidance who may have some knowledge on what you want to learn may also be helpful in the process.  

Saving money 

Another common New Year’s resolution for many people is to spend less money and build up a savings account. Whether the desired savings is for emergencies, paying off student loans or working towards a larger purchase, saving money is easier said than done.  

One of the best ways to try and save money is by creating a budget and doing your best to stick to it; however, people tend to fail at budgeting when they make their budget overly strict or too flexible for their lifestyle.  

To have the best chance at saving money, create a budget that prioritizes the areas that you feel need the most attention. 

Kaitlyn Chrosniak

News Reporter

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