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The Most Newsworthy Moments of 2020

Top 2020 Moments | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

As 2020 comes to a close, it is understandable to want to leave it in the past and not look back. Although there were many downs of the year, there were also several ups, and it is important to remember all that 2020 did for America.  

The coronavirus pandemic  

At the beginning of this year, most of us had no idea what the coronavirus even was, but by the middle of March it had begun to change everything. With the announcement of the coronavirus in Ohio, colleges began remote learning.

On March 10, Wright State University announced that it would move classes online until at least the end of the month which turned into the rest of the semester and the following semesters with rampant rise in cases as the year went on.  

As the pandemic progressed, many people faced financial hardship as they were forced out of work. With several business closing due to Gov. Mike DeWine’s shut-down orders, Ohio saw a shift in its economy.  

However, through this pandemic, people have found new ways to come together. Online video-chatting services such as Zoom and WebEx saw an increase in users as people longed for human connection in a world that was rapidly changing. 

The BLM movement  

In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic grew the Black Lives Matter protests. Although 2020 was not the birth year of the BLM movement, it did see a rise in protests over the summer due to police brutality coming to light.  

All across America, supporters of the BLM movement flooded the streets in masks to show that they would not tolerate the way that the black community continues to be treated by the police force. Although people are not protesting as much, the BLM movement is still strong on social media.  

The Presidential election  

To add more to the year, the election for the 46th President of the United States took place in 2020. Tensions grew as November rolled around. Because of the pandemic, most people took to early voting through mail and it was later discovered that Joe Biden earned the majority of his votes this way.  

After days of counting votes, Biden and Kamala Harris were announced as the 46th President and Vice President and Harris made history as the first woman vice president.  

Alexis Wisler

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