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The Word’s Faire Invites Dayton Creatives to Give Their Pieces a Platform

Words Faire | Graphic by Rose Taylor | The Wright State Guardian

Come one, come all to The Word’s Faire, a Dayton-based submission magazine founded by a Wright State University graduate. This brand new indie publisher and literary magazine accepts art and word in all forms. 

How it came to be

2022 English Creative Writing graduate Tobi Brun always wanted to create a business. The Word’s Faire offered a perfect combination of this dream and their creative spirit. Brun serves as the editor and founder of The Word’s Faire.

“I’ve been wanting to make a project that brings in my wanting to have a business and wanting to provide a platform for breakout authors and creatives to be able to get their works out there because it’s hard to break into the industry, so that ultimately led me to an independent publishing company,” Brun said.

A play on words, The Word’s Faire’s name comes from the world’s faire, an exhibition of different innovations from across the world. The work on the project started in November but became an official company this February.

“I want to be able to get an exhibition of curated creatives from all over the world,” Brun said.

The publisher and magazine takes art from a variety of mediums.


In their position, Brun curates submissions for manuscripts, anthologies, contests and manuscripts. Brun also is in charge of all design aspects and editing.

The Word’s Faire itself offers submission periods for zines, anthologies and contests. 

The current open submissions call is for the SUNWASH zine, which concludes taking submissions Feb. 28. Pre-orders for SUNWASH open the month of March, and publication starts April 2024. 

The next open call is for the anthology competition themed and titled “That’s Absurd,” inviting fiction writers to submit stories ranging from micro-fiction to novel-length works exploring the absurd and surreal. Contributors for both publications will receive a discount code for physical copies.

For information about submissions and upcoming projects, visit The Word’s Faire website.  

Brun hopes to open manuscript queries by the end of the year, but the first title publication is a poetry collection “Of the Eaten” authored by Brun, which releases in March 2024.

“Ideally, [The Word’s Faire will] be able to give a platform to break-out writers and creatives who haven’t gotten a chance to get into the industry yet or are just starting out,” Brun said.

In-person creative services included live poetry writing for personal or public events, creative workshops, speaking engagements and professional editing services.

Brun has live poetry writing experience, having done live poetry with a typewriter at local Dayton business Pink Moon Goods this early February.

Even with this wide range of services, Brun plans for The Word’s Faire to grow and expand with time.

Future goals and events

The official launch party for The Word’s Faire will commence sometime in late April, offering merchandise and a poetry reading with local creatives.

Brun hopes that as The Word’s Faire continues to evolve, revenue will allow them to pay contributing writers.

Overall, Brun expects the project to unite the Dayton community through words and art.

“[Creatives] just have work sitting around that they want to share with people but just haven’t been able to find a home for. I want to be able to provide a home for those people but also for people breaking into the field and wanting to write and publish as much as possible,” Brun said.


Brun can be contacted via email or phone at 937-694-8143.

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