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The Wright Way to Gather

Cimarron Woods Apartments | Photo by Jamie Penwell | The Wright State Guardian

Cimarron Woods Apartments | Photo by Jamie Penwell | The Wright State Guardian

Due to COVID-19, Wright State University (WSU) has put in place several rules to limit the spread of the illness, including no gatherings on campus of more than four people and no visitors in dorms or apartments.

With over 1,100 new students moving on campus this fall, how does the university plan to handle potential policy violations this fall? 

Coronavirus restrictions  

WSU has implemented several policies for the fall semester in an attempt to limit the spread of the global coronavirus. Policies include:  

  • No groups larger than four when outdoors on campus 
  • Social distancing (six-feet apart) at all times 
  • Masks must be worn on campus (indoor or outdoor) 
  • No moving furniture in any public space 
  • All dorms have been converted to singles (no roommates) 

“We wanted to get as close to or exceed the Centers for Disease Control standards,” said Director of Resident Life and Housing Dan Bertsos. “We are dedicating ourselves to get to Thanksgiving.”  

Bertsos went on to state how move-in weekend showed promising signs that students are willing to be compliant with the new policies without much issue. However, there still needs to be a plan in place for if these rules are violated.  

Violating Coronavirus Policies 

If staff hears word of a large gathering on or off of campus, the rumor will be investigated to the furthest extent possible.  

“Just like any other policy violation, we don’t have any mandatory sanctions,” said Assistant Director of Community Standards and Student Conduct Christopher Hogan. “It could be a $25 fine, to suspension, or even separation from residential students.” 

Students who are found violating current policies will generally receive a warning letter in the mail reminding them of the rules. The letter will also state that if the student is found continually violating coronavirus policies that they will receive harsher punishments, such as a $25 fine all the way up to potential suspension if necessary. The severity and frequency of rule violations will determine the depth of the punishment.  

Students living in off campus apartments or attending off campus events will still be held accountable for their actions if caught partaking in larger than CDC guideline approved events, just as they would for partaking in any illegal actions off campus.  

“So partying in Peppertree is not like other colleges. There are families and people besides college students who live here so it’s not like we hop around from apartment to apartment,” said Katy Fiske, a WSU senior residing in Peppertree Villas Apartments. “Guests are allowed but I can speak for the members of my apartment and say that we are selective with guests and only allow close friends who also attend school at Wright State that we know are COVID negative. “ 

Faculty at WSU hope that students will choose to follow the coronavirus policies set in place to ensure a safe fall semester and will enforce these guidelines to the fullest extent.  

“We don’t want our students to get sick,” said Bertsos, “because we want to get to Thanksgiving. We’re going to work together with them [students and off campus landlords]. Hopefully if they’re willing to do so we will end up with a safer environment.”