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Three Separate Sexual Assaults Reported, Awaiting Police Reports

Campus Police Vehicle | Photo by Soham Parikh |The Wright State Guardian

During the week of Oct. 18, three separate sexual assaults were reported on the Wright State University (WSU) main campus.  

The assaults 

“The term ‘sexual assault’ means any nonconsensual sexual act proscribed by Federal, tribal, or State law, including when the victim lacks the capacity to consent,” according to the United States Department of Justice. This definition is also used by Wright State University police when on the scene for the following reports. 

The first assault reported occurred on Oct.18 outside of the Nutter Center. The charges associated with this assault were abduction, rape by force and unlawful restraint.  

The second assault occurred on Oct. 20 in the Village apartments on campus with charges of rape by force and unlawful restraint. 

The third assault was also reported at the Village apartments on Oct 23. The charge associated with this report was rape by force.  

At this time, the police report associated with the third sexual assault was unavailable. The Office of Grand Council was unavailable to provide a statement at this time.  

The impact of sexual assaults 

An Informational Safety Bulletin was released to students following the first two sexual assault cases reminding students of WSU standards in relation to sexual assaults.  

“It is a violation of university policy to engage in sexual activities without affirmative consent from your partner,” said the Informational Safety Bulletin.  

Sexual assault has a lifelong impact on the health and wellbeing of its survivors.  

“Sexual assault can impact mental health and substance abuse significantly: 13%–51% of women meet diagnostic criteria for depression following sexual assault,” said University of Michigan Psychology Professor and Researcher, Rebecca Campbell, Emily Dworkin and Giannina Cabral in a 2010 research study. “23%–44% experience suicidal ideation with 2%–19% attempting suicide; dependence on alcohol can be seen in 13%–49%; and 28%–61% report the use of other illegal substances.” 

For more information on how you can help yourself or another survivor of sexual trauma at WSU, go to:  

This story is developing 

Editor’s Note: The Office of General Council was contacted in order to obtain updated police reports regarding the Oct.18 and Oct. 20 sexual assaults, but no reports were provided. No police report was provided for the third sexual assault case. The Office of General Council was unavailable for comment.  

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