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Tips for graduating students

Tips for graduating students
Tips for graduating students
Tips for graduating students

Applied for graduation? Check. Cap and gown? Check. Reserved your tickets? Check. So now what?

“It’s a very exciting time and they should be very proud,” said Debra Wilburn, associate director of Technology and Data Management at the Career Center. “People have invested money, they’ve spent time, they have explored their interests and they have pursued their ambitions. It is an accomplishment.”

Every student has different plans for life after graduation, depending upon their ambitions and interests. Some students may pursue higher education, work towards a career or even decide to take a gap year.

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“Students begin their job search after graduation. We’re here to help make a natural progression before they’d leave the university,” said Wilburn. “We have advisors here in our office and in the Student Union who specialize with students getting ready to graduate.”

Wright State’s Career Center is prepared to help students figure out what their next steps may be.

Be it with their resume, interviewing skills, searching for jobs or working on a career direction, the Career Center can assist newly-graduated students at every step. However, there isn’t a set time frame for students to start planning their future endeavors.

“The recommendation is that you should start looking for work at least six months before graduation. Some industries and careers may even require a longer timeframe than that,” said Wilburn. “If they didn’t start six months ago, which many students may not have, this is the time to start, wherever you are.”

If students do not choose to use the Career Center, it is important to look for reliable and varied sources of career development information.

Still, preparing for your professional life is just one aspect of graduating.

“Appreciate the pomp and circumstance. Understand that it is also a very exciting moment for friends and family who are celebrating you, and they will be very proud of you,” said Wilburn. “And I would say let people celebrate you and be in the moment to enjoy that day and that accomplishment.”