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Top Five Stories You Missed Last Week

Student Union Closure | Photo by Christian Peters | The Wright State Guardian

Several major news stories were released during the first week of classes. Here are the top five students do not want to miss. 

Stricter coronavirus policy requests

On Aug. 19, the Wright State University (WSU) American Association for Union Professors (AAUP) released a letter to university President Sue Edwards requesting stricter coronavirus policies as cases continue to rise. 

“The Delta variant is significantly more contagious than the original variant and is highly likely to have a greater impact on younger people and those working in enclosed environments such as classrooms,” the letter from the executive committee of the AAUP-WSU said.

The WSU-AAUP made several requests in this letter, including a mandatory vaccine mandate and the option to teach online as opposed to in person. 

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Student Union closure

On Aug. 23, an electrical fire broke out in the main electrical room of the Student Union, causing a portion of campus to lose power for several hours. 

“We had some sort of short or fire—we are trying to figure it out—that caused smoke in that [main electrical room] and that smoke triggered the water sprinklers and when that happened it messed with the equipment. There was a cascading effect out to the power substation on campus,” Seth Bauguess, WSU director of communications, said.

The electricity in all buildings impacted except the Student Union was restored Tuesday afternoon; however, the Student Union will remain closed through next week to allow proper repair and clean-up to occur. 

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NPHC plot delay 

WSU’s National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC)’s memorial plot construction has been delayed due to construction setbacks. 

While there is no set finish date for the memorial, Keucher expressed hope that the project will be complete by early to late September. 

The plots are intended to honor the nine historically black sororities and fraternities the NPHC represents. 

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Scott Nagy’s pay

Contracts and an evaluation of university salaries revealed that WSU Basketball Coach Scott Nagy makes over $30,000 more than WSU President Sue Edwards. 

“Men’s Basketball Head Coach Scott Nagy was paid the most [highest salary of WSU athletic coaches] by far, earning $302,395.88 this past academic year, making over two and a half times more than any other coach in the athletics program,” WSU Sports Reporter Noah Kindig wrote. 

The Guardian is currently awaiting a copy of Scott Nagy’s contract to determine what factors are considered for Nagy’s pay. 

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In-person classes during Delta

WSU announced that current plans for the fall semester would remain despite rising cases of the coronavirus Delta variant. 

According to USAFacts, the state of Ohio has been averaging over 2,700 cases a day for over a week. In addition, Greene and Montgomery counties combined are averaging over 200 cases per week.

At this time, the university has yet to indicate any changes in the plans for fall semester. 

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