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Transformed Center for Faculty Excellence Open Expected Fall 2022

Dunbar Library

Dunbar Library | Photo by Harminder Singh Langri | The Wright State Guardian

Wright State University (WSU) will be replacing the Center for Teaching and Learning with the Center for Faculty Excellence this spring with a full opening in fall 2022 semester. 

Center for Faculty Excellence versus Center for Teaching and Learning 

The Center for Faculty Excellence would broaden what the Center for Teaching and Learning already covers according to Dr. Carol Loranger. The Center for Teaching and Learning currently focuses on how faculty can improve their courses. 

Loranger states the Center for Faculty Excellence would focus on other things in faculties’ life such as work/life balance and their research plans.

“[WSU] followed some other universities in broadening our focus to include things like helping faculty develop sustainable research plans as well as continuing to teach well,” Loranger said.

She also stated that the Center for Faculty Excellence would acknowledge the successes of faculty members thus inspiring other faculty. 

How this benefits faculty

Loranger said this will benefit faculty because it will help with their research, course design and work/life balance. 

The Fellow for the Center for Faculty Excellence, Peggy Kelly, believes that this center will benefit faculty, and in turn, emphasize student success.

“Wright State has many outstanding faculty members,” Kelly said. “The Center for Faculty Excellence can use the expertise of these educators, other professionals, as well as innovative ideas about reaching all students to further build a culture that emphasizes student success.”

The Wright State Guardian reached out to faculty senate member, Dr. Terry Oroszi, but she did not provide a response. 

How this benefits students

The Center for Faculty Excellence would be beneficial to students because it would help faculty design and update their courses to match the newer generation of students’ learning styles, according to Loranger.

“Happy faculty is good faculty,” Loranger said. “Well-trained faculty is a good faculty, so that helps students.”

The center is expected to be fully open for the fall 2022 semester.