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Transition to WSU for transfer students

WSU Transfer Center | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

WSU Transfer Center | Photo by Daniel Delgado | The Wright State Guardian

Transferring universities can be a challenge, but Wright State University helps transfer students to get acclimated as quickly as possible.

WSU is committed to helping transfer students become a part of the WSU family immediately. They encourage these students to get integrated early, so that they can form a bond with the WSU community.

“We want to make them feel like they’re at home…we try to show them they aren’t just some transfer student, but part of the Raider family,” said Lucas Abromowitz, the assistant director of transfer recruitment.

Transfer students can sometimes become intimidated while going through this process. It can be quite nerve wracking and hard to ask for help. 

“When I first transferred I was a little overwhelmed and a little nervous since I was coming from such a small school. I was afraid I wouldn’t find anyone I can relate too, but I found my place,” said Jennie Berrien, who transferred to WSU from Clark State Community College in the fall of 2017.

The transfer office at WSU has helped immensely with transfer students becoming connected with other students. Berrien is now an intern at the transfer office after realizing how much she enjoys working with college students.

“I work with incoming transfer students and show them the ropes. Through my work in the transfer office it led me to a career change…they helped me get in contact with a lot of good people and I’m grateful for the contacts I’ve made,” said Berrien.

Wright Path program

The Wright Path program is a unique opportunity that WSU offers. They have partnered with five local community colleges: Sinclair, Southern State, Cincinnati State, Clark State and Edison.

Through the program a student can begin their studies at one of those community colleges. Then, they would transfer to WSU to earn their Bachelor’s Degree. The program offers support from WSU and the community college throughout the entire process.

“Students can join this program to meet with advisors at WSU, get a Wright1 card, use the library and look at campus housing. This allows them to get integrated earlier and start to form a bond with WSU before they actually arrive on campus,” said Abromowitz.

WSU is continuing to enhance this program to make it a seamless transition for transfer students. Transfer students also get connected with other students to talk with them about the university through the program.

Becoming accustomed to WSU

WSU offers many different opportunities to transfer students, and they stay in constant contact until students feel comfortable at WSU.

“Wright State was very helpful, I had an advisor that helped me with the transition and the orientation made it pretty easy,” according to Laura Bowen, who transferred from Cedarville University to WSU in the fall of 2019.

Tyler Rupert, the president of the Entrepreneurship Club at WSU, originally studied at Ohio University (OU) before transferring to WSU. He struggled to find direction at OU, which reflected itself in his studies and poor GPA.

Rupert has been at WSU for four years now, and is appreciative of the second chance WSU has offered him. They made the transition for him incredibly easy through the help they provided him.

“Not just through the formal channels, but particularly the faculty and staff as a whole were willing to put in extra effort anytime I had questions,” said Rupert.

WSU continues to improve upon the opportunities they offer when it pertains to assisting transfer students.