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WSU to hold Tunnel of Oppression

Tunnel of Oppression in the Student Union

Tunnel of Oppression in the Student Union | Photo by Dylan Collison | The Wright State Guardian

On Monday, Oct. 7 through Thursday, Oct. 10, Wright State University will hold the Tunnel of Oppression event to raise awareness on the issues of oppression.

“This interactive experience is created so that people can walk through and educate themselves about marginalized communities,” said Precious Claytor, president of The Black Student Union.

Students have the opportunity to learn about how communities are affected by systematic and social oppressive factors. This brings a whole new type of consideration to the table regarding one another’s distinct qualities.

“Awareness is brought to the community by asking critical thinking questions that make people wonder how their individuality affects others’ well-being,” said Claytor.

A progressive impact is brought to campus through simply attending.

“[The] campus is, for the most part, affected in a positive manner because a lot of students, staff and faculty learn something new to help make the campus a safer and a more welcoming community,” said Claytor.

Students gain consciousness through having an open mind, which has an impact on the campus’ atmosphere. The event is one that can allow students to participate in more ways than just attendance.

“Students are able to get involved with the tunnel of oppression through volunteering with identity centers on campus as well as some professors [that] require their students to visit and write papers on the event. This is an easier way for students to get involved and truly help,” said Claytor.

This occasion is not just a student-driven affair, its goal is to provide understanding to all. Staff and students are encouraged to attend and view the new materials used to create an applicable depiction of oppression in modern day society.

This tool allows volumes to be heard across campus. Since 2000, the event has prospered and influenced the perspectives of many.