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Student Organizations Leaving Their Mark in WSU Tunnels

Wright State's tunnel painting

Tunnel paintings | Photo by Harminder Singh Langri | The Wright State Guardian

The Student Government Association (SGA) is working on painting squares in the tunnels between Med Sci & Fawcett. Contrary to past years, any active organization can sign up to leave its mark on the tunnel walls. 

Tunnel painting 

The SGA Speaker of the House, Lacey Loges, organized the events on April 13 and April 16 from 2–5 p.m. 

Three organizations per day can sign up to paint with two representatives. If other representatives want to come, they must clear it with Loges. 

Even if the representatives lack in the artistic field, Loges has a plan for it all. Organizations submit a logo or image to Loges three to four days before they paint to be projected and traced onto the wall.  

If any organizations are interested in signing up or knowing more about the tunnel paintings, contact Loges at [email protected].  


Before the coronavirus pandemic hit, organizations were required to go through SOAR, a five-tiered challenge program that motivates student organizations to achieve their goals.  

According to Loges, if organizations did tier one, they had one title square, and if they went up to tier five, they would get four title squares.  

President of the Association of Black Business Students Dai’Shanae Moore is looking forward to more organizations taking advantage of the tunnel painting event. 

“I think it’s way easier and less difficult now to just paint a square [than go through] SOAR. I know that particular thing was the reason why a lot of our clubs and organizations could not paint a square in the tunnel, and that’s why it only has like 1/3 of everything Wright State offers,” Moore said.  

Leaving a legacy 

CEO of ReyRey Café and president of Club Bowling Jessica Pitt has a time lined up to add Club Bowling’s mark to the tunnel walls. When Pitt heard that all organizations were able to paint sections, she was excited to see if ReyRey Café could be included. 

“I think it would be a great idea for them to continue this next year when people are back on campus,” Pitt said. “ReyRey Café just became registered the last couple of years and I’m wondering if we could paint our own square too.”

Leaving a legacy at WSU is something that organizations strive to do. By providing a space for members to literally make their mark, the tunnel paintings give way to creating lasting legacies.  

“I think it’s so important because it’s not just showing that this organization is here but it is allowing family, students and alumni in the public to see that our school has a community for everyone,” Moore said. 

Roxanne Roessner

Wright Life and Laker Life Editor

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