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Video Game Review: “Final Fantasy 7 Remake”

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I’ve never played the original “Final Fantasy 7” that was released back in 1997, but with this remake, why would I need to?

“Final Fantasy 7” stars the fan-favorite Cloud Strife and his journey in remembering his past life. He starts the game as a mercenary who seems to be working in a grey area that is sure to stir up the major conflict of the game.

I’m only a few hours into the game (chapter five) and already I’m blown away by the story. The graphics are pushing the limits of PlayStation 4’s capacity, the character designs are amazing and the open-world environment feels real.

Midgar, which is where the majority of the game is set so far, feels alive. There are side quests available very early on and they don’t feel like lazy padding. They’re actually a great way to earn money, which can be used to buy valuable items that can turn the tide of battles throughout.

The gameplay here is spectacular. The combat is fluid and being able to alternate between characters mid-battle is very satisfying and allows for fresh battle perspectives.

An example is found in Tifa Lockhart, a character close to Cloud’s past. Her fighting style is based in martial arts and differs from Cloud’s sword-fighting style. You also have available the muscled Barrett, who utilizes more long-ranged attacks thanks to his right arm being a Gatling gun.

I’ve been playing on normal and I’ve found that the battles have been both difficult and fun. Losing against a powerful foe is frustrating, but the game never feels like it’s stacked the deck too high. Every victory is a satisfying one that feels earned.

Now I know what some of you are thinking, he hasn’t played that much of the game so how does he know that the ending won’t suck?

Valid question, and one that I can’t really answer with actual fact. What I can say is that about five hours in, I’m already a big fan of “Final Fantasy 7” and the series as a whole (which aren’t connected directly). I’m interested to check out more of the games as well, likely beginning with “Final Fantasy XV” (2016).