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Virtual Tours: What they have to offer

WSU Campus during fall | Photo by Soham Parikh | The Wright State Guardian

New students can tour campus virtually through an interactive map as well as live tours.

Interactive Map

An interactive map of Wright State University’s campus allows anyone to take a personal tour here. The interactive map shows every building on campus as well as important sites.

“Our website has provided prospective students with almost everything they [need] so that they can get a feel of our campus without having to put their health at risk during this time,” said Kaelyn Bertsch, admissions ambassador. “With that being said, they have provided a virtual tour that includes a map, an outline of our tunnel system, pictures, videos, and descriptions of each academic building/area on campus.”

The interactive map allows students to view the layout of campus while also viewing informative photos and video of buildings and important spots on campus.

“The map shows the campus and then once you click on each building, it’s going to give you the summary, and it has pictures and videos of what happens in that building,” said Paige Smith, admissions recruiter.

Live Tours

Normally this time of year, the campus would be filled with hundreds of new students touring and visiting each building. 

However, these tours are now going to be held completely online and allow prospective students to receive a similar experience.

 “We are offering kind of the same thing that we would do on campus, except through an online platform,” said Smith. “It is a 30-minute presentation from an admissions counselor, [in] which students can ask questions and get all the same information that they would get from a regular tour. Then they get a half an hour to 45-minute virtual campus tour where a student ambassador will go through a virtual tour map and show them a student perspective of campus.”

Virtual live tours allow prospective students to still tour campus and get familiar with the layout. 

The live tours are led by a student ambassador that covers everything from housing to popular attractions on campus like, BART.

“Us tour guides give an in-depth view of campus,” said Cassidy Elliott, admissions ambassador. “We go into the campus maps through the Wright State website and give a tour of the main hot spots of campus. We always try to personalize them based on what the prospective students’ major interests are and give them a better look of what campus life is really like.”

After the tour, prospective students can ask any questions they may have about the WSU campus.

Even though students are not touring the campus in person, they still receive a personalized and well-developed view of campus that will prepare them for their first semester on campus.

“These virtual tours are very beneficial to prospective students because they are provided with all of the information they need without putting their health at risk during this time,” said Bertsch.