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Watch: Check Out These Three Internet Comedians

YouTube | Piqsels

During the cold winter months, there’s nothing like curling up on the couch and watching some mood-warming comedy. Here are three internet comedians worth your clicks. 

Bo Burnham

The release of his Netflix special “INSIDE” relaunched Bo Burnham into the comedy spotlight. In the early days of YouTube circa 2007, Burnham gained popularity for his musical and comedic talents in numerous songs and sketches uploaded to his channel

From there he went on to produce comedy albums, live shows and television shows. His latest project, “INSIDE,” much of which is also available on his YouTube channel, has won multiple awards. “INSIDE” is a true work of art that offers over an hour of both upbeat and cynical delights. 

Chris Fleming 

Chris Fleming has been creating comedy content on YouTube for a decade and continues to enchant audiences with his unique style. Since the success of his YouTube series “Gayle,” where he portrayed a middle-aged mom losing her mind in American suburbia, Fleming has gone on to produce multiple live shows and many more comedy videos, including several songs. 

His incorporation of wild androgynous fashion and modern dance have made Fleming a popular online presence. In addition to his YouTube, Fleming maintains an active Twitter profile where he sometimes uploads exclusive content. 

Tyler Gaca

Better known by his handle ghosthoney, Tyler Gaca has risen to TikTok fame for his unique comedy sketches. Gaca’s videos have been widely shared on other platforms such as Twitter and Tumblr where his LGBTQ+ experience is an important facet of his comedy. 

Based in Los Angeles, Gaca’s sketches and vlogs are imbued with a unique blend of artistic, queer and Millenial aesthetics that have found popularity among straight and queer audiences alike.