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Weekly Horoscopes | The Wright State Guardian

Everyone always asks you what you want to be when you grow up and you never know what to tell them… well now you do! Read on to learn what your dream job is based on your zodiac sign. 


Aries, you have always been ambitious. Your dream job is most likely being a brain surgeon or an award winning actor/actress. 


Taurus, your dream job is absolutely based off of all the TV shows you are currently watching. Your dream job is likely being an interior designer, a professional chef, or a game show host. 


Gemini, you are great with words but ironically not very social. Your dream job would probably be a book author, computer programer, or an astronaut. 


Cancer, you’ve always been the smartest one in the room. Your dream job is either being an educator or the next Oprah. 


Leo, your creative talents outshine all others. Your dream job is probably being an artist, a photographer, or a wildly successful musician. 


Virgo, your attention to detail is not an accident. Your dream job is most likely a forensic specialist, a chemist, a researcher, or a wine taster. 


Libra, your ability to seek out the truth is one of your most astounding qualities. Your dream job is to be a lawyer, social worker, or even a journalist. 


Scorpio, your ability to socialize yourself and make connections is definitely going to get you far in life. Your dream job is to be in a leadership position helping others reach their potential. This could mean an advisor, manager, or president, just to name a few. 


Sagittarius, your favorite hobby is traveling and the world is your oyster. Your dream job is one that takes you all over the world like a marketing associate, a flight attendant, or a travel blogger. 


Capricorn, you have a mind of many talents. Your dream job is ever changing, but this is okay. You are content knowing that you will chase happiness and find yourself in a job that suits your talents. 


Aquarius, you find everyday boring and know that you could never work a regular 9-5 desk job. Your dream job is to be the captain of a boat, a fighter pilot, or even a dog food taster. 


Pisces, you have never been able to make your mind up about what you want to do. Perhaps the best jobs are the ones where everyday is different. Your dream job is either a detective, a construction manager, or a position at NASA.