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What is your biggest fear? Read on to find out your deepest darkest fears based on your astrology sign.


It’s no surprise that the biggest fear for an Aries is being left in the dark. They are most definitely the life of the party and anything that they are left out of puts them in a world of hurt. They often read too far into a missed invitation. 


The Taurus is possibly the opposite of Libra in that their biggest fear is getting stuck in an endless cycle or routine. Taurus’s love to move around and change things up, but it’s easy to start a routine and get lost in it. A fear of never reaching their goals is a logical one for a Taurus.


A Gemini is perhaps the most independent out of all of the signs. Their biggest fear is losing their freedom. Along with this comes the fear of being controlled, confined, or silenced. 


Although one of the most loving signs, a Cancer’s biggest fear and concern is not being accepted for who they are. They often struggle with trying to change themselves to please others. In the end, they just want to be loved the way they give love to everyone else. 


Being a leader and often succeeding in many areas, Leo’s biggest fear is failure. They have high expectations for themselves and fear that they will one day disappoint themselves or those that they love.


A Virgo is very precise about everything. They are a bit of a perfectionist, perhaps to the point of being a control freak. Their worst fear is losing control and having the world in so much chaos that it is beyond fixing. 


Libra’s often value things such as balance, order, and organization. They like when everything has its spot and everyone has their place. Perhaps the biggest fear of Libra is change, something that a lot of others can relate to. When big things change in a Libra’s life, their biggest fear of all is the unknown that lies ahead. 


Although very selective with who they choose as friends, scorpio’s biggest fear is being alone. They are very serious about the energy they surround themselves with, but in the end, they don’t want to end up alone. 


Spiders may be small, but size doesn’t matter to a sagittarius when they see the creatures lurking in corners and spinning webs. 


Above all, Capricorns fear being unsuccessful the most. They always do their best and strive to achieve in everything they do. More often than not, they do meet their goals, but their biggest fear is failing and not being successful. 


An Aquarius is very creative, strong willed and ready for a challenge. Despite their drive to work hard and their self confidence, their biggest fear is not making a lasting impact on the world. They fear that they will not be bold enough for anyone to remember them when they are gone.  


Pisces is arguably one of the most complex signs of them all, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally. Their biggest fear is being misunderstood, or even not understood at all. They yearn to be welcomed and find a place where they truly belong.