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Celebrities are fascinating and captivate people around the world. Their energies vary depending on their astrology just like anyone else; which celebrity shares the same Sun sign as you? 


Lady Gaga, Hayley Kiyoko and Robert Downey Jr. are three examples of famous Aries. You might find that if you share the same Sun sign as these celebrities that you are driven, positive and 100% authentic to yourself. All three people- Gaga, Kiyoko and Downey- are known for being outspoken on their beliefs and for their trend-setting attitudes. 


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Lizzo are known for being down-to-Earth, authentic and charming. This is definitely related to the fact that they all have a Taurus Sun sign. If you share this Sun sign then you have natural charisma, relaxed vibes and inspire the people around you. You are able to maintain your composure when facing criticism and stay true to yourself regardless of what haters may say- just like Johnson and Lizzo!


Steve-O and  Angelina Jolie are two examples of celebrities that truly embody their Sun sign of Gemini. Both Steve-O and Jolie are adventurous and embody the chameleon-like vibe often portrayed by Geminis. Gemini Suns are always down for an adventure and Steve-O was wild on MTV’s  “Jackass” series where he participated in reckless, hilarious stunts and Jolie is known for her worldwide volunteering and wide-range of characters she is able to portray as an actress. 


Post Malone and Ariana Grande embody what it means to be a Cancer. They are both outspoken about their romantic relationships and are hands-on with the lyrical process that goes into their music. Cancers are all about stability, relationships, love and communication. The fact that both Malone and Grande are both known for writing songs about their exes is a total Cancer move! 


Barack Obama and Kylie Jenner are prime examples of Leo energy. Leos are all about leadership, style and charm. Obama is known as one of the most fashion-forward American presidents and Jenner focused her eye for aesthetics on starting her own makeup line. In addition, both Obama and Jenner are social and always taking pictures with friends or attending events. This energy is 100% Leo!


Zendaya and Beyonce exist as two of the most glamorous, dreamy celebrities. Virgos are known for their meticulous minds, practical sensibility and connection to healthy lifestyles and exercise. Their style is subtle yet impactful. This is why Beyonce and Zendaya look beautiful with and without makeup- just like other Virgos! 


Will Smith, Cardi B and Halsey are three prominent Libra celebrities. Libras are all about balance, relationships and socializing. There is a natural charm to Libras and they have a bravado that is appealing and draws people to them. As an air sign, Libras are witty, clever and intelligent. If you have ever seen Smith, Cardi B or Halsey during an interview you will know that they are outspoken about their beliefs and are known to stand up for social issues. As a Libra Sun, you value fairness and are well-spoken just like Smith, Cardi B and Halsey!


Drake and Katy Perry are two examples of celebrities with a Scorpio Sun sign. Scorpios are loyal and have a zero tolerance policy for people who are “all talk”. Relationships and friendships are important to them and they crave connections that are genuine and intimate. They do not vibe with people that are surface-level or known for being serial liars, as they value loyalty and legitimate people. This is why Drake name-dropped his frienemy Kanye West in his song “Wants and Needs” and Perry used her album “Prism” to express her emotions following her divorce from Russel Brand. Scorpios are highly expressive and emotional; this can definitely be observed with these two celebrity examples. 


Bill Nye and Miley Cyrus shed some light on the true nature of a Sagittarius Sun. They are both extremely outspoken about the things they are passionate about and have a natural charisma. Sagittarius have an eye for marketing and creating a brand around their personality and positive energy. Other Sagittarius celebrities to mention that fit this description are Taylor Swift, Billie Eilish and Nicki Minaj. Sagittarius are authentic, verbal and fun. They ignore people who try to drag them down and are strong-willed and determined. 


John Legend and Dolly Parton embody what it means to be a Capricorn Sun. Legend and Parton are career-oriented but are also convicted and donate heavily to causes that mean a lot to them. Capricorns believe that words should be backed up with action which is why Legend and Parton are renowned for their involvement in various charities and volunteer efforts to truly make a difference. Capricorns often get a bad reputation for being stingy and/or cold, but they are simply focused and controlled in order to achieve their goals. 


If you look up “Aquarius” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Megan Thee Stallion and Guy Fieri. They are bold, unique/eccentric and friendly. They speak their minds and do not feel restricted to societal restraints. Aquarius Sun signs are all about helping others, embracing one’s true self and rejecting what does not serve their purpose/happiness. Megan’s song “Savage” highlights her rejection of stereotypes of what a woman should be and how a woman should behave. Fieri is known for his whimsical hairstyle and the various cooking shows he hosts that also donate money to different charitable causes. Their sense of humor and friendly vibe is 100% Aquarius. 


Rihanna and Matthew Gray Gubler are two examples of celebrities with Pisces Sun. Both Rihanna and Gubler are known for their bold style, fierce features and dreamy personalities. Rihanna has a natural elegance and fierceness that has enabled her to become a fashion icon and beauty entrepreneur in addition to her music career. Gubler began as a model and moved his way to acting. His most prominent role on “Criminal Minds” has earned him international recognition and millions of fans that admire his quirky appearance and music vibes. This energy is what Pisces are all about: dreaminess, wisdom and understated elegance.

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