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With international travel restrictions gradually lessening, many people are planning their next adventure. Here is which country you should visit based on your Sun sign. 


Costa Rica is the perfect destination for Aries. From zip-lining through the rainforest and hiking up the various volcanoes to relaxing and enjoying a day at the beach, Costa Rica provides the range of entertainment needed to satisfy an Aries. Aries people enjoy variety, action and spontaneity and there is no doubt that Costa Rica fulfills all of those requirements. 


Everyone knows that Taurus signs are notorious for their passion for luxury and delicious food. This makes Italy an ideal destination for those with a Taurus Sun sign. Whether you want to enjoy a glass of wine and relax in the Italian countryside or shop at famous Italian stores like Valentino or Versace, Italy suits the refined taste of a Taurus. 


Jamaica is known for their vibrant culture and friendly locals. Social butterfly Geminis would fit right into the positive, bustling vibes of Jamaica. There is so much to see and experience in Jamaica with its beautiful beaches and rich local culture. Gemini are stimulated by conversation and social interaction, making Jamaica an excellent place for them to travel. 


Cancers are known for their romantic, cozy vibes. This makes Switzerland the ideal place for Cancers to vacation. The beautiful scenery and relaxed energy will yield a positive experience for Cancers. Castles, mountains and waterfalls form a dreamy aesthetic that aligns with the comfortable energy craved by Cancers. Cancers, snuggle up and take a magical train ride through the snowy mountains of Switzerland and enjoy a blissful international adventure!


Leos crave passion, inspiration and adventure. This makes Indonesia an amazing destination for Leos to visit. Whether you want to explore Jakarta and experience the bustling energy of a huge city, escape to the tea fields for an Instagrammable moment in Java or relax on the beautiful beaches of Bali, Indonesia has everything a Leo desires. Food, romance and adventure await for those who travel to Indonesia- pack your bags, Leo! 


Virgos crave adventure that aligns them with the Earth and enhances their mental, physical and spiritual well-being. In addition, Virgos are budget-minded and want a destination that will allow them to explore without breaking the bank. This makes Thailand an awesome choice for Virgos. Thailand is a popular destination for adventurers looking to experience traditional culture on a budget. Lodging and food are extremely affordable and there is so much to see and do. Temples, elephant sanctuaries, beaches and food markets are awaiting to give Virgo an enlightening and eye-opening experience. 


Libras are all about aesthetic, beauty and socialization. This energy is compatible with the vibes of South Korea. There are photo ops everywhere you turn in Korea: photo booths, flower fields and colorful cityscapes are all around! Libras will enjoy interacting with locals at food markets, socializing at Seoul’s various nightclubs and enjoying a beach day in Busan. There is so much to see and Libra is ready to experience it all!


The romantic, sensual energy of Scorpio aligns with the aesthetic and pace of France. Scorpios want to visit somewhere iconic that permeates epicurean vibes. With France, Scorpio can relax and explore Paris to visit the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a romantic evening and visit the poignant memorials of Normandy Beach to commemorate the tragedy of D-Day. In addition, Scorpios dark-side can be quenched when visiting the Catacombs of Paris to observe the remains of over six million people. France will provide Scorpios with a place to satisfy their romantic and dark tendencies making it an ideal location for them to visit. 


Sagittarius are vibrant, colorful and adventurous. Morocco is known for being one of the most fascinating and lively places in the world making it an awesome place for Sagittarius to explore. Marrakesh is the “Red City” within Morocco that contains beautiful palaces, gardens and restaurants. This unique destination will fulfil Sagittarius’ need for adventure and enable them to enhance their worldview. Sagittarius love learning about other cultures and trying new foods, so trying Moroccan cuisine will be an amazing experience as well. 


Known for their serious, bold energy, Capricorn would enjoy a trip to Russia. There is so much to learn and the academically-driven minds of Capricorn will be fascinated and enjoy a trip to Russia. Russia has a rich history, diverse culture and many renowned sites that Capricorn will enjoy visiting. St. Basil’s Cathedral, Red Square and the Kremlin are some of the many sites that Capricorn can enjoy on their trip to Russia. 


Aquarius are all about quirky, unique energy. This makes Japan an ideal destination for them to explore. From anime to sushi conveyor belts, Aquarius will enjoy the lively and diverse culture of Japan. Additionally, the academic minds of Aquarius will thrive while learning about Japan’s rich history and culture while exploring traditional areas like Kyoto. This country makes an awesome destination for the adventurous and free-thinking Aquarius mind. 


Pisces are all about dreamy vibes. This makes the romantic energy of Greece ideal for their next vacation. Whether it is enjoying a glamorous evening in Santorini or visiting historical sites like the Parthenon, Pisces will thrive in Greece’s high-vibration energy.

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