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Weekly Horoscopes | The Wright State Guardian

There is a shift taking place with the approaching September 20 Full Moon in the sign of Pisces. This Harvest Moon is bringing up repressed emotions and calling for people to dive into their creativity. This moon will be most influential on Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius placements. 


Aries, you need to focus on your friendships and social life during this time.You have been working and prioritizing your responsibilities over your mental health, but this full moon is calling you to relax and enjoy some time with your loved ones. Slow down- you can’t avoid your thoughts forever. 


Taurus, you are feeling controlled and out of your element right now. Use this full moon to reflect on your life and whether there are responsibilities and/or relationships that are no longer serving you. Your freedom and happiness is more important than your financial success. 


Gemini, this full moon is calling attention to your throat chakra. You have something on your mind but you are not speaking up about it. This is contradictory of your nature, Gemini. You are typically the most open, verbally-active sign. Ignoring your intuition is creating a block in your throat chakra and causing you to silence yourself. Use this full moon to gain the confidence you need to own your truth and release any fears of rejection and/or judgement that you are experiencing. 


Cancer, you are feeling overstimulated and exhausted. You care so much about other people and always try to help give advice, but do not focus so much on other people that you lose sight of yourself. Use this full moon to relax and reflect on your friendships; are your relationships equal or are there energy leeches taking advantage of you? 


Leo, your work is finally paying off. You are coming into an era of good luck in terms of your career. Expect a new job opportunity or promotion to come unexpectedly during this time. Use this full moon to treat yourself and relax; you deserve it. 


Virgo, you are experiencing an identity transformation right now. You have felt lost for a while now, but things are gradually falling into place. Use this full moon to pamper yourself and reflect on your growth. Do not lose this momentum; you are on the right track. 


Libra, you feel like things are not balanced right now. This is driving you crazy, as you strive for harmony in all that you do. Use this moon to meditate and consider what changes you can make to your routine that will help you feel more balanced. You are focusing too much on one aspect of your life and it is affecting your stability. Be careful that you do not overwork yourself and that you are not being taken advantage of by others- especially in the workplace. 


Scorpio, you feel romantically charged with this full moon. You are about to meet someone new or your current relationship will experience enhanced chemistry. You are feeling confident and sensual. Use this moon if you are wanting to make the first move on your crush or if you are hoping to move forward in your current relationship- the sparks are flying for you! 


Sagittarius, you have been isolating yourself and having bizarre, intimidating thoughts and dreams. Please be aware that this full moon may intensify your emotions, as it is bringing up your emotional baggage. You have a tendency to avoid your issues rather than addressing them. Sorry, Sagittarius, but it is now time to face yourself and truly heal. Use this full moon to overcome your past. Do some shadow work journaling and meditate on what your inner child is asking for at this time. 


Capricorn, you are experiencing a period of self-doubt. Your usual confidence is being challenged by a sense of imposter syndrome. You feel that you are not ready for the transitions and challenges being introduced into your life right now, but you are more than capable of succeeding and thriving. Do not give in to your anxiety- use this moon to overcome self-detrimental thoughts so that you can achieve what you are truly capable of doing. 


Aquarius, you are experiencing a period of self-confidence and prosperity. Your life is currently balanced and there are positive friendships entering your life. Use this full moon to come up with a plan to maintain this balance as you move forward. Do not lose this momentum!


Pisces, you are feeling intense right now. The moon is entering a full moon in your sign so the energy is building in preparation for this transition. You feel sensitive, tired and moody. You need some space to relax and focus on your inner thoughts. Things are coming to the surface that you have been avoiding for a long time. Use this full moon to spend some time alone. Pamper yourself with a nice bath or massage; this moon will be intense, but it is necessary for you to evolve. 

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Attend the Halloween Bash on October 30 Learn more